Serpent Isles

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East of the Dragon Isles are the Serpent Isles. According to legend, the Serpent Isles were made by the slapping of the tail of a dragon god as it left the world. However, others state that if one looks at the island chain on a map, this group of islands looks more like a claw than a tail, and so must have been made by a claw.
The strongest argument against the islands having been made by a claw is that the claw would have created deeper areas of the sea, not isles at all.

Their origin is not the only thing about this island chain that is hotly debated. Some argue that the Serpent Isles are actually part of the Dragon Isles, while others hold that they should be considered a different archipelago.

Still others state that only the group of islands east of Aryte should be called the Serpent Isles, and that the island of Achee'ak, which lies north of this group and east of Enderal, should be considered part of the Dragon Isles.

Despite the many debates surrounding these islands, nobody has ever bothered to give the smallest of these isles individual names--or if somebody did, the names have long since been forgotten. The four largest isles in the group south of Achee'ak do have names. The southernmost island, closest to Alindor, is Daraghan. The three larger isles north of Daraghan are, from west to east, Keajo, Qualent, and Deigo.