Shadon: Prayers and Holy Days

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Clerics (and followers) pray whenever they feel like praying, some praying hardly ever, but others quite regularly, often right after getting daily supplies for the next adventure. Before combat: "Shadon, make sure that when I whack this guy on the head he screams in a funny way so that I can complete my collection of bob screams. Shadon, make the funny-looking creature squeal like a little girl so I can point and laugh at it. Please don't let me die, please don't let me die, please don't let me die. Oh, how about you make this one trip up and knock itself out or something?"

While crafting: "Oh great, mighty and super-awesome Rascal, do help me to not fail miserably this time. Stupid thing won't work! Uh...Shadon, a bit of help if you could?"

After restocking supplies: "Shadon, please don't let the food rot, and if it does, make only my friend's food go bad, rather than mine. Shadon, if you could slip a few extra bottles of ale into my pack, I promise I wouldn't notice. Honest. Come on, it's just a wee bit of divine intervention, it's not like it's hurting anyone. Well, I guess it's damaging myself a bit, y'know, my liver and things, at least that's what some of those really smart-like wizard folk say. But that's not the point. Actually, good point that, what was my point?"

At any time: "Shadon give me the ability to show the...what's that? Let's go check it out! I'm bored. Can you help someone humiliate themself?"

Holy Days
  • Flavorsome Foods Festival Once every year, the Shadonites are supposed to organize a food and drink festival, aptly named the Flavorsome Foods Festival. The festival is normally held in the month of Mai at either Arnax or Port Hempstead. The festival is a celebration of food and drink from all places. Food found at the festival includes local delicacies from both the host town and other towns further abroad, as well as some of the rarest and most expensive food to be found on Layonara.
  • Perfect Caper Held on 31st Janra every year, the Perfect Caper is a celebration of Shadon and all things Shadon stands for. It celebrates each and everything that is or could be entertaining, humorous, whimsical, frivolous and preposterous. The celebration only occasionally has planned events. Most times, it is simply a day filled with pranks, jokes, frivolity and shenanigans. No one knows quite why it is called the Perfect Caper. Most think it is likely named after an elaborate practical joke, though any documentations that would have supported this was lost a long time ago, due to the haphazard management of the Shadonite clergy.