Shadon: Temples

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The first signs of a remotely organized church appeared around 794 in the town of Arnax on Belinara. The large Shadonite population of the town, led by a gnome known as Remorry Hestreph, decided they should go about forming “one of those church thingymawhatsits.”? This decision was not brought on by any event in particular, they simply figured that everyone else had one, and they thought they must be missing out on all the fun. They may have also taken the initiative to form a church due to the fact that they thought none of the other Shadonites from around Layonara would bother to do anything about it.

The Shadonites of Arnax soon constructed a temple by the quayside, a rectangular building with a domed top. They spent a good few months decorating and preparing the temple; but soon, most lost interest in it. Remorry Hestreph, one of the only ones still showing interest in it, was instated to run and look after the temple; the role of managing the temple and its affairs is still upheld by his descendants. The temple was not then, and still isn't, used as much for religious purposes as for others. It normally sees more frequent use as a hot spot for Shadonites to hold parties and shows. Another use for the temple is that it provides a place for some to drink or stay at when they find themselves without a place to stay; normally evicted from their old place by the owner.

A second temple resides in Khitis, a town in the northern half of Mistone's eastern coast. A third temple is in Port Hempstead on the spot of the old Toranite temple, which was taken down around 1364, after being badly damaged by a fire originating in the Tower of Magic. Although the Port Hempstead temple is called a temple, it sees more use as a pub, with most only passing through to replenish their ale supplies.