Vierdri'ira: Hierarchy

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"Priestesses of Vierdri'ira and priests of Baraeon Ca'duz are the most powerful people in dark elf society."

There is not one all-encompassing hierarchy of the church. Divided as the various city states are, so are the various temples in each of these cities. A strict hierarchy is present in each city's temple. At its head sits the Daughter, the highest ranking and most powerful Priestess of Vierdri'ira in that city. The Daughter has five Siblings; they are the five next most powerful of the Mother of Darkness in that city. Together, these six rule the rest of the clergy and the followers.

Elections and Organizations

The positions of Daughter and Siblings are decided in bloody battles, often seen as a great time of entertainment for followers, taking place once every three years. The title of Daughter is simply taken as soon as one priestess proves herself worthy of the position, usually by killing or otherwise rendering the current Daughter incapable of her duties. If by chance the dark elf woman trying to overthrow the current Daughter fails, she is used as a sacrifice to her goddess in an Inner Sanctum ritual. The War Mistress of any given city, as well as its first matriarch, are given honorary places of respect in the temple's workings. Of course, it is entirely possible for a war mistress or a first matriarch to also be a Daughter or a Sibling; however, most who attempt to combine two positions often fail at both. Within each city, there are the same groups.


While Baraeon Ca'duz preaches the subtle art of vengeance, patience, and revenge, those of Vierdri'ira are far less subtle. Dark elves in a Vierdri'iran society are simply given no other choice. Vierdri'ira preaches the death of the weak. It is for this reason that her clerics find it customary to examine all children born under their goddess, after all, life was created from the dark, and if it is found lacking, it should be returned to it. Midwives of the Mother of Darkness focus on the last part of the dogma and are responsible for the examination of these children. When a midwife deems children unsuitable, they are killed and returned to the dark.

Light's Demise

These are Vierdri'ira's warrior priestesses, who think the middle part of the dogma is the most important. Warrior priestesses of Light's Demise are cunning tacticians and care not about honorable warfare or rules of engagement. Ambushes, treachery, and spying are all allowed to bring about the demise of the light and the subjugation of the weak and the faithless. Light's Demise often works together with the Vitiate, but they will always try to outdo them. If a city's War Mistress is also a cleric, she's by default a member of Light's Demise. If she's not, she is still invited to meetings.