Wolverine Tribe

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The Wolverine Tribe and the clans within it tend to keep to themselves, it is almost unheard of for them to partake in raids, and they will normally only fight when forced to, or over something of great importance. They will normally help out any persons in trouble, although after helping, they will most likely send them on their way, not wanting outsiders to stay in their settlements for too long. They tend to keep to themselves, and it would most likely take a while for one to earn the trust of a member of the Wolverine Tribe.

The clans in the Wolverine Tribe tend to stick together, and get along well with each other, they will normally only trade between themselves, although it is normal for small parties from each clan to head to Raven's Watch to trade furs and leathers a few times each year. They get to Raven's Watch through the Shivering Pass.

Most goings-on in the Wolverine Tribe tend to happen in the winter, some consider this odd, thinking it would make more sense to do such things in summer, when some of the snow has thawed. 

They are seen more during the winter, due to the fact that they do not mind going further from the villages to find suitable hunting spots, as most animals have gone into hibernation, although it is also because they are most comfortable in cold weather. This is due to them being on the northernmost part of Krashin, where they have adapted to the glacial conditions even more than the other tribes.

Normally whilst hunting, and often when forced into battle, they will set up ambushes for their prey, as well as using hunting animals. They find this a more efficient way of doing things, meaning that they may not end up having to fight, and if they do their enemy will be weakened before they must resort to blows. This is not to be considered cowardice though, as they do fight with fierce strength, which, in some cases, could be compared to the strength of the Bear Tribe. This also shows their preferred aversion to violence, fighting only when forced to.