Broken Halls

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Deep in the Kheldell forest, amidst the trees and the howls of the forest animals, burns the soft glow of a campfire. Gently bubbling on the fire is a pot filled with the meat from the day's game. The traveller there bids you welcome and motions for you to join him, as he has a magnificent tale of dragons and grand cities to tell.

"Ahh but where to begin? Broken Halls is all that remains of an ancient Elven Kingdom that has been lost for over a thousand years. At one time it was the base of power for the Elves on Mistone and Dregar and much of the rest of Layonara. Many centuries ago, the city was destroyed and buried underground during a titanic battle of dragons. It is rumored that one of the younger dragons returned to claim the ruins as her own. However, the place has been tainted by evil for a very long time now."

"Broken Halls has become the base of power for an ancient vampire by the name of Saproprias. He has used the dungeon as a place of power to spread his evil across the continent. It is thought that he is the master vampire on Mistone, but nobody is sure. Tis a foreboding place filled with the souls of the restless dead, a fate i would wish upon none of my greatest enemies."

The conversation wanes and he stares wistfully into the bleakness of the swaying branches and hangs his head, muttering 'a terrible place...'