Denshou: Notable People

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Sitchu Gavin Mac Murry

Gavin hails from none other than Hlint on Mistone and is related to the well-known Captain Garent Nefzen. The family resemblance is evident as Gavin has all of Garent's blunt focus and rough edges, but none of his cousin's basic human decency. Gavin is petulant and sulky when challenged and very much likes telling people what to do. How he became sitchu was never explained, although a letter that obviously strained to be polite was provided in the well-known hand of the kagi when the new sitchu took his position.

The sitchu is of medium height, with thinning black hair and pale amber eyes and a nose like a hawk's beak. He keeps his arms tightly folded on his chest most of the time, with his mouth set in a grim line and ticking into a frown at the corners.

Vergin "Slats" Broden

Vergin is a brown-haired, brown-eyed dwarf who was raised on Tilmar Island. Originally from Creedo, Vergin's family moved to Denshou as his father was interested in the making of boats. He has grown up with ships and is considered a fair captain, but his heart is in the building not the sailing. He, his wife, and their two sons all work for the techu and respect the man "for a human". Vergin is gruff but not overly so and a devote worshipper of Vorax.