Dorand: Temples

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There is but one known official temple to Dorand: the magnificent Citadel at Lyn. For most, however, it is visited only a few times a year.

The Way of the Hammer teaches that an instrument does not need a fancy forge so long as the work is done and as such, most worshippers of Lord Forge say their prayers while crafting wherever they are. Small shrines are therefore found in smithies and crafting houses across the world, two of the more notable are in Brenuth and in the halls of the Runic Anvil underneath Mount Norand on Dregar.

Brenuth Forge

Built into the snowy mountainside of the Brech Mountains on Mistone, this first, oldest home of Dorand's followers was not originally intended as a shrine. Dorand's church, loosely organized at the beginning, had a large number of dwarves in Brech. As Brenuth is in a basin, the smoke from the forges would hang low across the valley and make the air hard to breathe. Finally, the citizens of Brenuth declared enough and the Converge of 790 was called.

The dwarves discussed the situation and it was decided to move the main forge to a separate location in an abandoned natural cave nearby. Slowly, this local forge became known for the amazing strength and quality of their armors, weapons, and shields. As word spread, other Dorandites migrated to Brenuth to learn the techniques and apprentice themselves, and over time the Anvil formed. Now the Forge nestles in the side of the Peaks and is home to some of the finest artisans on Layonara.

The Citadel at Lyn

Founded by Baron Ta'karsh Blacklung, the first and only human High Hammer of Dorand, the Citadel at Lyn was his gift to his church. Due to its impressive size, it has become the temple of Dorand, a place for both the creation of and the display of items crafted by generations of Dorandites. The Baron had the presence of mind to include meeting halls large enough to hold the Temperings as well. Since its founding in the 1300s, the Citadel has become the largest structure devoted to Dorand in the world.

The Citadel is tunneled with huge chambers opening up off the narrow routes. The walls are smoothed, carved, and decorated by hundreds of stone cutters with weapons racks and armor displays lining most halls (and narrowing them further) displaying centuries of crafting. In the chambers, tapestries, rugs, leathers, and finely carved furniture further the display. What is notable is that each item'mugs, silverware, chairs, sconces, glassware, armors, even the engraved walls'has a purpose. This, for most, is what separates Ilsare from Dorand and why Dorand looks at Ilsare with such disdain. While Lady Muse enjoys art for art's sake, Lord Forge demands that an item be not only well-made but also useful, an object to be admired as it is fulfilling its function.