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Situated in a shallow valley midway up the highest peak in the Brechs, Brenuth is quite simply a lovely town. Most are surprised by the unobtrusive but effective landscaping, the rustic architecture, and the simple beauty of the waterways running through the town. Even the few elves who have visited the secluded, bitingly cold town are impressed by the quiet ease of the place.

Snow falls almost daily at this altitude, and rarely is Brenuth not covered in a thin layer of it. As such, plants and animals are invariably thick-barked or furry. Evergreens rule the tree roost, with sturdy cold-resistant shrubs adding a splash of green as well. Deer, boar, bear, and surprisingly, tigers have adapted to this area, with rabbits and large red squirrels supplying the bottom of the food chain. The large, thick-feathered owls that hunt the sparse mountain forest are also heard by the dozens at night.