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Normal Rings and Amulets

Gem Type Saving Throw Increase
Greenstone Poison
Malachite Disease
Fire Agate Fire
Aventurine Electric
Phenlope Cold
Amethyst Acid
Feldspar Death
Garnet Mind Affecting
Fire Opal Reflex
Diamond Fortitude
Ruby Will
Emerald Universal
Gem Type Skill Increase
Alexandrite Discipline/Taunt
Topaz Hide/Move Silently
Sapphire Spellcraft/Concentration

Ability Rings

Alexandrite: For +1 Rings / Amulets
Diamond: For +2 Rings / Amulets
Emerald: For +3 Rings / Amulets

It will take 1, 3, or 5 spells of the ability to enchant the gems.

Bull's Strength: Strength
Cats Grace: Dexterity
Eagle Splendor: Charisma
Endurance: Constitution
Fox Cunning: Intelligence
Owl Wisdom: Wisdom

Making a +1 Ring of Strength Requires:

Ingot(s) of gold
Ring Mold
Enchanted Gem: Enchanted Alexandrite with Bull's Strength