Hilm Protectorate

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  • Location: Belinara
  • Size: Small
  • Capital City: Alhon with the crown in Hilm Castle
  • Population: 40,000: 70% human, 19% dwarf, 5% elf,1% gnome
  • Founder: The other kingdoms on the continent
  • Current Ruler: Alexander Fortain
  • Date of founding 1415
  • Notable towns and cities: Hilm Castle
  • Other notable locations: Great Forest

The lands within the Protectorate are generally hilly or mountainous. To the north, the plains give way to fingers of forest that reach towards the foothills in the centre of the land that eventually grow into mountains in the east, while to the south they stretch into the neighbouring Kingdoms of Kuhl and Nesar. The plains of the north and south are not highly productive. Stones the size of a human head break plows making cultivation difficult. They do however provide excellent building material for home.

The climate is generally cool temperate with little rain and heavy snow.

Even in the height of summer, a breeze from the mountains can be cold enough to require a cloak, but is also brings relief from the hot summer sun. Such breezes are welcome as there is no possibility of a sea breeze in the interior, but on the coast they are often cursed.

Winters can be bitterly cold with frequent snowstorms and strong winds freezing unwary travelers within hours. Few venture outside, preferring to keep within the warmth of their homes. Winter storms also make the journey along the treacherous coastland difficult as cool mountain air mixes with warm sea air to create gusty and uncertain conditions.