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Disclaimer: this text is not entirely finished and subject to change

  • Location: Southern Belinara
  • Capital CityArnax, "city of screams"
  • Population: 135,000 -81% Human, 5% Dwarf, 3% Giant, 3% Orc, 3% Fiendish, 2% Brokanian, 1%, Elf, 1% Dark Elf, 1% Undead
  • Size: TBD
  • Alignment: NE
  • Current Ruler: Queen Louise Maillard, Prince Alphonse Maillard - De Liz
  • Founder: Francois Maillard
  • Date of Founding: Somewhere in the 700s a few centuries after Belinara was first “colonizedâ€?. Its sphere of influence grew north from Arnax

Nesar is one of the older realms and has always had close ties to the church of Corath. Its founder, Francois de la Fleur, is even rumored to have been a high ranking clergyman.

Some say the Maillards collaborated with Xandrial and Bloodstone, others say they were forced to aid or die. Likely, it was a combination of both, and their affiliation with the Church of Corath probably helped them stay in power, even during the occupation.

When Bloodstone was defeated, the then King Vincent Maillard died in the explosion that destroyed Sinthar Bloodstone's stronghold.

His only child, Louise Maillard became Queen of Nesar at the age of 15 and married Alphonse de Liz ten years later. He had to adopt her last name and became Prince of Nesar.

The realm is large, and rich in resources in the various hills and the Cloven Mountains. Nesar also has many fertile plains, like the Landais Plains, the area around the Deep Pools, and the southern part of the realm from Arnax to Fort Thunder.

The Maillards rule through a combination of fear and strength. Their subjects are generally happy, as the realm's richness in resources and food ensure they do not often want for more.

Families in Nesar are generally large, as every firstborn needs to report to Arnax at the age of 16.


Slavery is legal here.

Current State of Affairs:
Nesar has bad relations with many other nations due to its open support for the church of Corath. It was however, willing to assist in the founding of the Hilm Protectorate as that was beneficial to them.

Because of the many resources available to them, they can afford to have bad relations, as they are mostly self-sufficient and do not have to rely on trade.

In more recent days, they struck a deal with what is commonly known as The Green Dragon Cult and allowed their expeditionary fleet to set sail out of Arnax.