Hilm Protectorate: Government

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The Lord Protector is completely focused on destroying what remains of Bloodstone's army. His court is small with the Church of Toran providing limited administrative functions, however both the ruler and the Church often lack the political astuteness of true administrators. Law and order does not always provide an environment where effective governance can occur, nor are Toranites known for their tolerance of non-human races. These factors are limiting the ability to for diplomatic ties with other nations throughout Layonara. Currently the campaign is in a lull as both sides develop strategic positions while raiding each other when possible. The decision plaguing Alexander is whether to use the dwarven strongholds to clean out the mountains first, or should the next stage of the campaign focus instead on forcing the remnants into those same mountains and containing them there. As the elves have been successful in generally taming the northern forests, although there are no doubt small camps of evil creatures remain scattered in the wilder parts, Alexander is confident that his left flank is secure. Meanwhile the right flank is open grasslands where few enemies can hide. All of Hilm's troubles lie in the hills and mountains

If the mountains are cleansed first, the initial fighting will be tough and the campaign long but the final situation will be one where the dwarves will act as an anvil while the Hilm army cleanses the hills. There will be no-where for the enemy to run. The dwarves favour this position, as it would allow them to claim some of the older dwarvern holdings near the hills while reducing the threat to their homelands.

Alternatively, by cleaning the hills of vermin, all the remaining forces of Bloodstone will be quickly contained within the mountains, however rooting the enemy from the mountains will be difficult and bloody as the enemy will have nowhere to hide. It is also likely that the Bloodstone forces could consolidate, forming a formidable force that could sally forth and shatter the smaller army of Hilm. Regardless of the dangers, the Halflings support this option as it removes the threats to their towns and promotes commerce across the land.

The other Kingdoms often request aid for Hilm to repel intrusions of Bloodstone forces and hordes of monsters. Rarely is this aid denied, however it slows down the progress of taming the Protectorate and the development of a campaign strategy.

There is also fierce debate (mainly in the Kingdoms other than Kuhl) on how to improve diplomatic ties with Hilm. Some Kingdoms see the offer from goblin and orc tribes to destroy an out-post as a positive turn in affairs or the establishment of a Robber Baron as a true Baron a justifiable means to an end. Other Churches that cannot establish a presence in the region also see the power of the Church of Toran in Hilm as a threat, especially as it moves to defeat diplomatic overtures.