Sedera Kingdom: Timeline

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Stanislava Uvati unites the largest group of refugees from the destroyed city of Zxar with her displaced tribe of northern steppe riders. Sturdy northern ponies are bred with Zxaran long-legged racers; the first zreass are born.

The new Abt begins to move around the increasingly large desert, chasing game and visiting oases.

Rule of the Abt assumed by the first to call himself Jnaar, Kreso Uvawi.

The first standing city, Audira, is populated from a smaller, existing city. The older city is referenced on a tablet found in an abandoned temple to Rofirein and is estimated to have been several hundred years old at the time of the Great Cataclysm. The name was misinterpreted and outsiders add an s sound to the beginning for well over a thousand years.

For a period of 10 years, Javor Ophril'am becomes jnaar, based on claims of elven heritage dating back to Zxar, forged family history, and his own fine features. It is discovered through a captured accomplice that Javor's father had raped an elven woman and stole Javor to boost his claim. Javor is removed from the throne and the name Ophril'am is forbidden inside Sedera. Javor's father is executed.

The first Sand Sea Synod is called.

Raklin Diamoniar is crowned Emperor of Dregar. An envoy is sent from Sedera to convey gifts and establish ties.

The second standing city, Megath, is founded by a member of the Abt. An agrarian society forms and once again mixes with northern neighbors.

The Uvawi line dies out and a cousin from the Vorinin tribe takes the throne. Jnaara Zhemine (Sha-men-ee) Vorinin is the first female ruler since Stanislava. Rumors abound that she is more ruthless than any ten of her predecessors.

The mage's tower (at what is now known as Sloren) is built. Territorial disputes with the Dregar emperor lead to battles (along what is now known as the Rael-Sedera border). The battles continue and trade is cut off until the emperor grants Sedera the portion of Sedera that includes the tower.

Sandstone founded.

Sloren founded.

First sighting of the dragon assumed to be Long Storm near the oasis now called Dragonscale.

The Rami tribe marries a son to the only child of Jnaar Miro Vorinin. The ruling line of Ravorinin is born.

While the rest of Dregar is in chaos by the overthrowing of the Diamoniar line, Sederans gather and the Abt pulls scattered caravans into one massive moving city. Contact with the rest of Dregar is limited with the exception of the northern border of Sedera and ship trade in and out of Audira. Sedera is therefore not deeply affected by the loss.

A new line of kings come to power in Prantz. Contact is re-established with the capital city of Dregar. Envoys are sent with gifts to secure trade and peace agreements.

Megath declares independence from the Abt, setting up a separate government within the city. A battle for reclamation is narrowly avoided through treaties hammered out to grant Sedera primary trade rights and form an alliance with the new city-state.

An outpost for Prantz is established on Sederan soil as Jnaar Kresimir Ravorinin and the new King Waylend become friends.

Audira is attacked for the first time in history by a massive army from the East. Convinced to evacuate to the deep desert, the town is abandoned. A minor general of Blood's known as Khain splits his army south to Orc's Watch to join orcs already there, and west to agitate Long Storm by setting off explosions in the desert. A mysterious fog covers part of the desert, masking movement. Heroes, having already aided in the defense of Deadman's Pass and Wymere, somehow turn Long Storm against Khain. The general flees a burning Audira in defeat but leaves his armies behind with no recourse but to fight. The first attempt to take Dregar by force is routed.

Aqueducts built under Audira are discovered to be malfunctioning. An investigation reveals that sanitary practices using special alchemical reagents have been producing massive mineral golem-like creatures. Audira is instructed in the correct usage.

Massive explosions rip through the Wandering Dunes near the Ruins of the Keeper. The sands, not considered wandering before, now begin to ripple and shift on a regular basis. Settlements in the area move south or east. The Abt avoids this part of the desert.

King Waylend dies. Sedera keeps diplomats in Prantz awaiting the heir to the throne.

Bloodstone is defeated and the world begins to grow dark. Lord Rael takes Prantz by force. Sedera withdraws her envoys and diplomats and once again shuts down trade on the southern border with Rael. The remaining royal family in Prantz is smuggled out and flees to Audira where they are given sanctuary. The outpost is abandoned and left to the sands.

Sedera, under the rule of Jnaar Itenu Ravorinin, begins to build ships with defensive capabilities. The harbor at Audira is expanded and a naval shipyard somewhere in the Gulf of Sedera is rumored but not proven.

Liwich goes to war with Sedera over military actions against Hurm-based privateer vessels. The war is primarily naval. Nomti Lopatin is named jnamsi of the fleet.