Whitefall Kingdom: History and Rumors

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Soon after the world was enshrouded by the unending clouds of the Dark Ages and the northern ice began its slow creep southward, the dragons awoke from their sleep. Because Bastil lacked strong rule or any army and was conveniently situated between Dregar and Mistone, it was quickly chosen as the preferred territory of the dragons who favored its cold climate and a battle for dominance began. The initial battle for the island was obscured by the same dark veil that blocked the sun, but it was clear that something was happening above. Deafening cries were heard from the clouds by the hardy inhabitants of the winter land as the snow fell harder and harder. After many nights of turmoil, a great dragon was seen swooping down and landing with a hard thud onto the White Plains, the vast central region of Bastil. The dragon's bellow was heard everywhere on the island, echoing through the air as he declared his lordship over the land he now claimed.

So began the reign of Knad'radoniad, High Lord of the Whitefall Kingdom. Rightful ruler of a barren land or not, few dared defy the dragon, especially after he made an example of Snowfall Mound, formerly Snowfall, a town that refused to acknowledge his reign. His minions and disciples are the orcs, kobolds, giants and the few human clans that surround his throne, as well as his subjects--around 22,000 men, women, and children that live on the coast of Bastil, the land they call home.