Whitefall Kingdom: Notable People

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Knad'radoniad, Snow Tooth
Knad'radoniad is known to the human population of the isle as one of the dragons awakened by Sinthar Bloodstone's fall in 1402. Little is known about him except what stories and rumors leak out from his lair and his single public action'one that was so brutal that only fools dare doubt he really exists. The dragon is a vain and egotistical but practical beast. He enjoys comfort, food and drink, and the occasional stalking of a ship at sea. He well knows that he could easily crush all his minions and the other ungrateful inhabitants of his slice of the world, but he allows them to live for his personal enjoyment. A striking characteristic is that he takes great pride in doing his own dirty work. He has made a habit of inspecting his lands on his own and even goes out to sea to fish for his own pleasure, fully confident in his superiority over the men of the land.

C'matka, the Maul - C'matka is the general of Knad'radoniad's army, his closest adviser, and the second most feared of the land.

The rumors of how he reached his post greatly amuse this massive giant, for only his master and he know the truth and neither speaks of it. He is a mighty warrior, a very clever general, and surprisingly quick-witted for a giant. When not tending to the armies on the White Plains, he resides in his barony in the southeastern reaches of the kingdom; a third of the frozen lands are under his direct rule, including the Icefall Forest where his clan, the Adanrom Rykard (Deep Winter's Night), resides.

Asgeir Gowar - Asgeir is an emissary to Snow Tooth for the coastal humans, and also their informal leader. A soft-spoken man but one adept at negotiating with Knad'radoniad's representatives, he travels constantly from hamlet to hamlet. Asgeir keeps the peace by serving as judge and sheriff, but he is also responsible for collecting the levies imposed on the coastal humans. It is to be noted that despite being the tax collector, he has never fallen into disfavor. Perhaps this is because he collects less taxes than he is expected to, but tells the dragon's representatives that what he gathered is the correct amount.