Xeen: Temples

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The public face of Xeen is that of her halls. Larger cities have more extravagant halls filled with music, dancers, food, wine, and open sexuality. Not a brothel situation but a more controlled environment. Wine and leaf might flow freely in affluent inner circles and diluted, less powerful (yet still potent) amounts in outer circles. In smaller cities and towns, it might be a front for the temple run brothel in the back.

Temples to the Mistress can be as simple as a shrine in a local bordello to the grand feast halls of Katherian, Hurm, and Arnax. More established temples have a blessed fountain. These fountains, originally the creation of a devotee Goranite tinker, were designed to prevent thirst in the desert and irrigate crops to better the lives of those prone to drought and thirst. Xeen influenced the naïve builder and with her charms convinced him that a fountain of wine would be much more beneficial to people. Thus, those temples with influence enough to warrant one, have a fountain of ever-flowing wine. The type of wine will vary by location and preference, but always during the eve of the moonless night festival it flows blood red.

The business face of Xeen is more the promotion of Xeen's gifts through temple-run organizations. The making and distribution of wine and leaf, young men and women recruited into worshipers addicted to properties such and Xeen's dogma. Xeenite clergy tend to spend much of their time in the temples as these are the centers of activity. They are constantly alive with music, song, dance, and revelry. It is, however, the mandate of the clergy to expose as many as possible to their Mistresses' gifts. At least a portion of a Devotee and indeed even the time of the Chamber Master and Mistress is spent spreading the word and seeking new and better ways to perfect their devotions to Xeen. Favor is shown to those bringing attractive new Subjugates and Acolytes to the temple rituals. The influence of a Xeenite cleric can in some ways be measured by the number subjugated under their yoke.

The clerical faces of Xeen are divided. It is a cleric's duty to manage these operations either directly or indirectly. This would be things like the recruitment of new flesh into the brothels either through persuasion or slavery/addiction or both, and the arrangement of disease control supplies, contraceptive measures, protection bribes, etc., as well as the entertaining and distribution of her gifts to her congregation.