Cleric, Paladin and Champion Character Submission Examples

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Examples used in Cleric Paladin and Champion Submissions.

  • Section 1 example
    • "I have read and understood the information available on Mist and I will do my best to RP a cleric of Mist"
  • Section 2 example - How your character interprets the dogma.
    • "Ever since discovering Aeridin Sylessa has been engrossed by the natural circle of life Aeridin represents and especially the transformation between two phases of the circle. Life is sacred and needs to be protected, but for Sylessa birth of a new life and True Death are extremely important aspects of her religion. She has been known to travel great distances just to be present when a child takes it's first deep breath and cries his lungs out or to be there when the light of life disappears from the eyes of an elderly woman. These moments truly define Life for Sylessa and in these events she feels closer to her god than at any other time."
  • Justification/Explanation for a deviation from favored practices
    • "Vorax is known for his love for axes, but Brassers family had been smiths for generations before one of the family heard the call of Battle, and the oath to uphold his family honour and it's memory weights so much he can not give up his trusted hammer. Brasser knows that as long as he holds the teachings of the Father of Battle in his heart, Great Vorax will smile to him and forgive Brasser for choosing blunt over blade."
  • Full Submission example:

Name: Leroy Bellors
Age: 46
Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Alignment: LN
Deity. Sulterio
Domains: Earth and Knowledge

Bio: (As in a standard submission this section contains a description of the characters personality and past.)

Leroy is a son of a gem crafter etc.

Cleric/Paladin/Champion required paragraphs:

1. I have read the information on Sulterio and I will play Leroy as a faithful priest of Sulterio to the best of my abilities.

2. Working on the metals and gems is Leroy's way of giving his praise to the Adamantine One. As his god teaches, he does not ask for help nor does he offer it. This means he only rarely uses the spells granted to him by The Brooding One and rather takes pleasure of shaping those weaker than him with his own trained strength he even views this as his divine duty, to show true strength of character to those who lack it.

3. For two decades now has Leroy been running around the outskirts of Port Hempstead wearing his iron full plate and carrying his great maul on his shoulders. This is his way of proving his own strength and stamina to himself and his god.

-Examples by Reventage