Frontier Fort

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This is a primary shipping port between the continent of Mistone and Dregar. As such, Frontier Fort is a major inlet of goods and information as well as a good place to leave Mistone in the aft horizon. With good shipping routes, however, come pirates. The Gulf of Bagira to the north of Frontier Fort is known to be a pirate hideout and launching point. With The Forsaken Isles off the coast, and stories of whole ships becoming marauding crews of undead, only pirates or fools would sail those waters. These facts draw the seedy elements of Mistone to Frontier Fort, making it a rough town as well as a sound choice for the headquarters of the Mistone Alliance. In the recent years, the influence of the Forsaken Islands is spreading, and the Fort is slowly falling into decay as people start to leave to find a safer home.

Location: Frontier Fort is on the eastern shores of the continent of Mistone.

Population: 3,800

GP Limit: 2,400gp

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Government: Feudalism

Defenses: Masonry walls surround this city. The walls are reinforced for protection from attacks from the sea.