Hilm Protectorate: Military

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Although the population is small, it is highly militant, organized and disciplined. Most towns are heavily fortified and protected by contingents of experienced town guards. Each town also has a contingent of soldiers from the Hilm army who patrol the trade roads, chasing off bandits and other less desirable sorts. Well-equipped armories that contain enough weapons to equip a strong militia from the local population are also common. The army of Hilm is mainly heavy infantry (approximately 60%). When lined for battle it consists of a few light skirmishes (10% of the army) in front of the heavy infantry, supported by bowmen behind and units of crossbow (20% of the army) men and mages on the flanks. Light and medium cavalry guard the flanks with a contingent of Toranite paladins acting as a shock force (10% of the army). The army consists of local residents of the Hilm Protectorate and soldiers from the nearby Kingdoms. To promote tolerance and acceptance, soldiers are assigned randomly to units, wear the same tabard and swear an oath to Hilm for the three years they serve.

Armed in leathers, sword, shield and throwing spears, the skirmishes are used to hold the enemy in place until the infantry arrive. A fair number of skirmishers are Halflings and elves, although the majority are human.

Heavy infantry is broken down into two main classifications, the "Shields and Spears"and the "Arrows"?. Armed with long thrusting spears and swords the Shields and Spears carry large shields and wear heavy armour. They form the backbone of the line, pining the enemy in place and breaking the charge of enemy troops. The front two lines wear lighter armour (chain mail and scale mail) allowing a greater charge effect (they cover the ground quicker) and a second impact as the true heavy infantry connect. To facilitate the secondary charge, the front liners are trained to hack off spear points then provide alleys for the heavier troops to charge through. The majority of the Shields and Spears are human and members of the militia and town guards, it is rare for other races to join their ranks.

Conversely the "Arrows" have a large number of non-humans. Dispersed between the units that make the Shields and Spears, the Arrows are small wedges of troops modelled on dwarven battle groups. Carrying an assortment of weapons (from axes and hammers to greatswords) and armour (chain mail through to full plate), they charge in to exploit gaps in the enemy formation or to plug gaps in their own. Any dwarf that joins the army is automatically placed in these groups as is any half-giant or half-orc accepted into the ranks. In some cases Arrows will have a priest to protect and heal where needed, a resource that the other members of the Arrows will protect at all costs.

The supporting bowmen and crossbow men are aimed with longbows and heavy crossbows respectively. They often have a few thrusting spears and general melee weapons to protect themselves. Normally these troops are taken from town guards. Any rangers that are used a scouts will also fight in these units.

A guard of heavy infantry, normally one or two soldiers per mage, protects the mages from combat. Any warrior mages are also placed in this group to add protection in dangerous situations instead of being placed in the Arrows.

Both the light and medium cavalry are collectively called Lancers. Armed with long spears, maces (for crushing helms), wearing scale or chain mail and carrying kite shields, they are a mobile force used to protect the flanks and harass the enemy as they flee the field. Rarely are they used for frontal charges. That role is reserved for the "Hands of Toran".

Named in honor of Alexander's god, the Hands of Toran comprise of elite heavy cavalry supported by paladins of Toran. Mainly humans, only a few half-elves and elves have ever served in this unit. No dwarves would want too and no other race is pure enough. Armed with long lances, swords and hammers while wearing the finest plate armor and carrying kite shields; these are the ultimate shock troops. Even the horses are well trained and armored, allowing them to charge spear men without fear. Individual knights and paladins may carry additional weapons such as heavy axes and two-handed swords in case they have to dismount to enter the battle. Few if any carry missile weapons. Luckily for any enemy force, there is rarely more than two Hands of Toran at any battle as often only a single Hand is enough to turn the tide.

In the rare case where tribes of goblins or orcs have fought with the army, they are placed in front of the skirmishes to beak the charge of enemy forces. If they are loyal to the cause they will fight, if not, they will be killed. Mercenaries are never allowed to join this army.