Huangjin: Government and Politics

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The government of Huangjin is the mido first, the kagi second, and the sitchu third. Though, those who travel the palace daily say that the kagi is truly first now. As the techu lives in Denshou and the meja--Domira in Fort Zakumo, they don't often have say in how things are run in Huangjin.

The city, strict for most of its life, is now looser and less organized, likely a direct reflection of the uncertainty surrounding the mido. However, it is still first among equals of all the tauns in the Telish Throne and sets the pace for relations with others. And those relations are generally good. Huangjin natives welcome strangers bearing relief materials and refugees from other islands and even other parts of the world with open arms, a change from the polite restraint seen before the turn of the century. Many of the citizens are those who came to aid and ended up caring about the people of this battered nation and settling permanently. Thus, while the government is hostage to the whims of the mido, the political climate outside the goten tends to be much more friendly and international.

Huangjin has good trading relations with all of the cities in the Telish Throne and secretly with Creedo in Bilkan through the kagi's deception. The capital city also has good trade agreements with Corsain, the port of Lor on Dregar, and the port of Mariner's Hold on Alindor, and is working to find a safe route to Leringard and Port Hempstead; although, Mist's whims have prevented that so far.