Succession Kingdom

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  • Location: Centered on the west coast of Dregar, bordered on the north by Liwich, on the east by Sedera, and on the south by Rael.
  • Size: insert size
  • Capital City: Seacove with the crown in Succession Castle
  • Population: 210,000: 85% human, 5% dwarf, 5% elf, 3% halfling, 2% gnome.
  • Founder: Imira Lef'Chamet
  • Current Ruler: Liege Lord Roland and Liege Lady Anouk Lef'Chamet
  • Date of founding 1123
  • Notable towns and cities: Boulder, Seacove, South Fort, Succession Castle
  • Other notable locations: Backbone Mountains, Black Hills, Corax Lake, Deadman's Pass, Lake Creot, Lake Sorrow, River of Darkness, River of Oaks, Sinister Forest

Succession is a hodge-podge of geographical features with rough sand beaches, fertile plains, a stunning mountain range, parts of two forests, a sliver of desert, and rambling hills. The northern part of Succession bristles with half of the Sinister Forest, the teardrop-shaped Lake Creot, and the portion of the Backbone Mountains that contains Deadman's Pass. The Sinister Forest ecosystem is hardly typical of a forest with the dominant life forms being twisted, black moss-coated treants and swollen spiders that can reach the size of a pony. Unliving beings are also found in the forest at intervals, sometimes controlled, sometimes not. Those trees not corrupted by the miasma that permeates the forest are usually pine and evergreen species. Near Deadman's Pass are tribes of gnolls and rumors of languorels as well as animals more typical to mountain regions: sheep, squirrels, and birds. The lake that begins the River of Darkness, Lake Creot, appears normal and supports healthy wildlife and fishes despite its proximity to the Sinister Forest. The River of Darkness does not acquire the characteristics that make it shunned by Layonarans and wildlife alike until it passes by the abandoned temple of Baraeon Ca'duz, which is midway in its journey through the forest. Here lurks some powerful unliving creatures that do not require a master or ritual to bring them forth.

The center slice of the kingdom includes fertile plains, mostly unaffected by the Sinister Forest; though, no farming is done anywhere near the River of Darkness before it drains into Lake Sorrow. The soil around this center band of Succession is so rich with nutrients that it is a deep black color. The turned fields, dotted with stones and debris, resemble the night sky to a poetic and somewhat nearsighted bard, and since the travels of the Liegess of Dhovisha, this area is often called the Midnight Lands. There is a tributary of the River of Darkness here, and the Backbone Mountains peter out near the Black Hills; this starts the southern part of the kingdom.

In addition to flocks tended by landowners, the central section has some wandering herds of deer, bison, and most notably a long-legged and sleek horse called the Midnight Racer. These are not the low, sturdy ponies of the Boyers; this horse has lots of space to run and the benefit of evolution in moderate weather. The horse is short haired with a long, graceful neck and speed to spare at a flat run. Also called a Dhovisha Racer (mostly by nobility and those bourgeoisie straining to become such), the prime examples of this fine steed are bred very selectively with wild stock occasionally reintroduced into the bloodlines to keep the prized spirit of the animal strong. As for other animals, many species of wading birds nest in and around the coastal areas, and flocks of streamlined Glittering Geese are seen overhead every fall and spring. It should also be noted that near this end of the Backbones, the cult called Bahuycristcryhumy yw Tyhuikehuonmy are said to have a cave system within the mountainside; most dismiss this as it is never been found.

The southern portion of Succession begins after Castle Succession and contains the Black Hills, the sliver of land leading to Orc's Watch (which Succession's Liege Lord did not lift a finger to retain when it was annexed by Rael), one tip of the Forest of Fog, the stately River of Oaks that feeds Corax Lake, and a bit of the coast including Seacove. The Black Hills, despite the painful memory of a peasant revolution turned massacre that clings to the soil and whispers from the leaves, is recovering due to diligent efforts by Forest of Fog druids. Travel through here is no longer so oppressive; although, the spired castle that stands atop the tallest hill remains (presumably) abandoned and left as a reminder to other despots who would work the common man to death. Here in the south of Succession, pines mix with oaks and magnolia to give a southern flavor that compliments the warm breezes. Boar roam the Black Hills, the forest, and around the lake. Giants can occasionally be found wandering near the Black Hills on the forest side as well. It is well-known that a small group of forest drakes have taken residence here too, but they generally leave well enough alone if not bothered. The coast near Seacove begins to remind one of Rael with palm clumps appearing around gentle rolling dunes.