Succession Kingdom: Timeline

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Seacove is founded as a small fishing community by southern Dregarians sick of the steamy heat.

The High Boyer Arasstai gives his youngest son Dhovisha a holding past the Sinister Forest, consisting of the choicest land and a large part of the coast. Dhovisha names the area after himself and decrees that from that day forward, the last name of those who follow him will be Dhovisha and not Arasstai. While Seacove is part of this, they simply ignore the Dhovisha line until Count Rasht Dhovisha forms a treaty with them in 947.

Boulder is built at the pleasure of Dhovisha Arasstai.

The area known as Zaj, consisting of the entire Backbone Mountains from Deadman's Pass to the southern tip and east all the way to the Sederan border, is deeded to Ahmet Zaj from his cousin Jnaar Shemshet Ravorinin for Ahmet's bravery in battle. Lakeside, originally in Sedera and dating back to 841, is also given to Ahmet and becomes the capital city of Zaj.

The border town of Gardiner is founded, catering to travelers and merchants and acting as an extension of the town of Rangley.

As a gift from the current emperor to his close friend Lady Marana Emfall, the Barony of Emfall is created, and a small but lushly appointed castle built. The barony extends around the Black Hills, encompassing part of the Forest of Fog, which is bordered by Sedera, Zaj, and Dhovisha.

Imira Du'Monre of the royal Du'Monres, marries Jacques Lef'Chamet in the Sun Kingdom.

Imira, Jacques, their children: Noel, 7; and Arilis, 3; with their cousins Pierre Bordraix and Marcel Bordraix, are forced from Sun Kingdom by their cousins the king and queen under cover of darkness for atrocities against their people. They apparently travel to Dregar.

The Lef'Chamet family settles near the Barony of Emfall after being requested to leave Prantz for unspecified reasons.

Jacques Lef'Chamet dies of lung fever.

Imira is deeded the Liegess of Nehar from the Count and Countess of Dhovisha for assistance with an ailing child. She becomes Countess Imira Lef'Chamet of Nehar. Nehar is set as all the areas of the Sinister Forest, including the River of Dark Waters, north of Dhovisha and west of Zaj until the coast, stopping at the Swamp of Green Dead. The River of Dark Waters is assumed to be the River of Shadows, and the Swamp of Green Dead is presumed to be the Moss Crypts. This was pushed forward to Deadman's Pass when Angelica Liwich formed the Kingdom of Liwich.

For Duty to the Countess, Pierre Bordraix is given the Liegess of Zaj by Imira after the last Zaj. Count Elwest Zaj-Brodien dies. Pierre becomes Count Pierre Bordraix of Zaj, and by Imira's request, he begins to call his territory the Liegess of Zaj.

Countess Imira revives the old fort left behind by the emperor at the southern reach of the Sinister Forest, giving some hope to the 50 or so people left there. She leaves the Prantz baronial family in charge but beholden to her. The town eventually becomes the only the place to rest going in or out of the forest and in fact benefits from the dark reputation of the woods.

The Count and Countess of Emfall and their family are reported as murdered by an orc horde from the Backbones, and their manor destroyed. Pierre steps in to lend aid and becomes regent for the barony.

Pierre names Noel Lef'Chamet as head of Emfall with Imira's support, making him Count Noel of Emfall. Emfall is from this point forward called theLiegess of Emfall.

Imira Lef'Chamet begins a campaign to provide leadership and direction to the people living north of Rangley, east of the coast, south of the Sinister Forest, and west of the Backbone Mountains.

The last emperor is murdered in Deadman's Pass. Imira moves quickly to broker deals between the four liegesses, forcing a vote on the creation of a throne. The vote is three of four in favor and Imira arranges for Noel to take the newly created throne of Succession. Newly-crowned Liege Lord Noel Lef'Chamet now heads the new kingdom as well as continuing to be the Liege Lord of Emfall.

The borders of the kingdom are set to extend to the Backbone Mountains, midway through the Sinister Forest, to the west coast, and south to Seacoast and Sky. Attempts to extend further into what would become the Kingdom of Rael are met with strong resistance by locals.

Imira arranges a wedding between Liege Lord Noel and his sister Arilis after Noel cannot find a suitable bride.

Son, Francois, born to Liege Lord Noel and Liege Lady Arilis, died the same year of crib death.

Son, Alphonse, born to Liege Lord Noel and Liege Lady Arilis, dies in the same year of horrific deformities.

Daughter, Margaux, born to Liege Lord Noel and Liege Lady Arilis.

Liege Lord Noel and Liege Lady Arilis murdered by unknown bandits while traveling back from Prantz. Imira arranges a marriage between her cousin Marcel Bordraix and her granddaughter Liege Heir Margaux Lef'Chamet with Marcel as regent until she comes of age. Count Pierre Bordraix's son Leandrex is named Count of Emfall.

Son, Charlot, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Heir Margaux. He dies two years later, of unknown causes.

Liege Heir Margaux is crowned Liege Lady Margaux; most decisions are still made by her husband, Regent Marcel.

Daughter, Luce, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Lady Margaux, dies in the same year of crib death.

Pierre, rumored to be ill, ceases to be seen in public but still issues orders as to the running of the Liegess of Zaj through his sons, Raymaut and Leandrex.

Daughter, Maryse, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Lady Margaux, dies within a year of crib death.

Daughter, Adele, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Lady Margaux, dies three years later of unknown causes.

Son, Gabriel, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Lady Margaux. Gabriel is removed to the care of a nursemaid immediately after birth.

Daughter, Noemi, born to Regent Marcel and Liege Lady Margaux , dies same year of unknown causes. After Noemi, Margaux is never seen alive again. Rumors of her as a mad, babbling woman locked in a tower of Castle Succession percolate until well after she would have died a natural death. Marcel remains regent.

Pierre dies; his oldest son becomes Count Raymaut Bordraix of Zaj.

Regent Marcel dies of natural causes. Gabriel takes the throne to become Liege Lord Gabriel Lef'Chamet.

Liege Lord Gabriel marries Marie Ambersson, daughter of a local haberdasher. Imira is said to be very displeased.

Daughter, Zoe, born to Liege Lord Gabriel and Liege Lady Marie.

Daughter, Sylvie, born to Liege Lord Gabriel and Liege Lady Marie.

Daughter, Josetta, born to Liege Lord Gabriel and Liege Lady Marie.

Daughter, Camille, born to Liege Lord Gabriel and Liege Lady Marie.

Imira dies. A kingdom-wide mourning is called for; however, her body is not put on display. Liege Heir Zoe Lef'Chamet is named Countess of Nehar.

Liege Lord Gabriel falls ill; a marriage is arranged between Leandrex Bordraix and Zoe Lef'Chamet.

Liege Lord Gabriel dies. Leandrex Bordraix and his wife Zoe become Liege Lord and Liege Lady of Succession.

Son, Desmonde, born to Liege Lord Leandrex and Liege Lady Zoe.

Count Raymaut Bordraix dies. Liege Heir Sylvie is named Countess of Zaj.

Daughter, Sharau, born to Liege Lord Leandrex and Liege Lady Zoe.

The widow Liege Heir Josetta Lef'Chamet is married to the widower Kharatat Dhovisha and becomes Countess Josetta Lef'Chamet of Dhovisha.

Rumors begin that Castle Succession is haunted. Some blame the spirit of Imira.

Liege Lord Leandrex dies. Desmonde is crowned Liege Lord and promptly marries his aunt Camille. Notes in the journal of a house servant indicate he was forced to do so. The notes go on to say that decisions were made elsewhere for the kingdom. Desmonde also becomes Count of Emfall.

Daughter, En'fami, born to Liege Lord Desmonde and Liege Lady Camille. It is widely known this is not their child together as Camille has several lovers.

While hunting together, Count Kharatat Dhovisha and Countess Josetta Lef'Chamet are murdered by an escaped prisoner. Countess Josetta's son by her first marriage becomes Count Jules Lef'Chamet of Dhovisha after the Crown steps in and ends a long, brutal, public battle between Jules and Kharatat's two sons and daughter.

Son, Seain, born to Liege Lord Desmonde and Liege Lady Camille. Records indicate this was a legitimate heir.

No less than twelve illegitimate children are attributed to Liege Lord Desmonde in a public scandal. All of the twelve are made ineligible for ascension to the throne.

Lady Zoe Lef'Chamet dies. Liege Heir Sharau is named Countess Sharau Lef'Chamet of Nehar.

Countess Sylvie dies. Seain is placed as Count Seain Lef'Chamet of Zaj.

Liege Lady Camille dies.

Liege Lord Desmonde marries Sophie, the mother of four of his illegitimate children, making her Liege Lady Sophie Lef'Chamet and giving legitimacy to Therese, 19; Victor, 14; Helene, 10; and Luc, 8.

Count Jules Lef'Chamet dies. Therese is named Countess Therese Lef'Chamet of Dhovisha.

Liege Lord Desmonde dies. Seain is crowned Liege Lord of Succession, his wife Chan'te becomes Liege Lady. They add Bre'da, 20; Nicolas, 13; and Mica, 11, to the list of eligible liege heirs although it is clear no one will accept Nicolas given his heritage. Victor is named Count of Emfall.

Liege Heir Mica is married to Liege Heir Luc in preparation for the next succession.

Countess Sharau Lef'Chamet dies. Helene is named Countess Helene Lef'Chamet of Nehar.

Liege Lord Seain hands the Liegess of Zaj to Liege Heir Luc, making him Count Luc Lef'Chamet of Zaj.

A group of Rofireinites build a small temple on the border of Succession and proceed to populate a town around it. Small settlements and farms flock to the newly built stronghold, as there are no occurrences of unliving there. Servants report that certain members of the Lef'Chamet line are furious and quietly point to Chan'te when pressed for a reason for the temple.

Liege Lord Seain and Liege Lady Chan'te abdicate the throne to Liege Heirs Luc and Mica and leave Succession; they are never seen or heard from again. Rumors say they fled to Mistone, but no proof is ever found. One liege heir is added to the eligible list, Luc and Mica's daughter Agnes, 25.

Countess Therese Lef'Chamet dies. Agnes is named Countess Agnes Lef'Chamet of Dhovisha.

North Fort is established as a joint venture between Prantz, Zaj, and Sedera.

Countess Helene dies. The aged Bre'da assumes the title Countess of Nehar.

Sinthar Bloodstone returns to the world with a massive invasion.

The desert station of North Fort is manned.

Countess Agnes dies, and her oldest child Elise becomes Countess Elise Lef'Chamet of Dhovisha.

Countess Bre'da dies. Helene's first son Benoit becomes Count Benoit Lef'Chamet of Nehar.

Liege Lord Luc dies. A fierce battle for succession begins between Countess Agnes' children: Elise and Serge; Countess Helene's children: Claire, Ines, Benoit, and Thibalt; and Liege Heir Nicolas' children: Gaston, Yves, Genevieve, and Collette. Nicolas' youngest daughter, Adele, refuses to take sides and flees Succession for several years. After several months of political maneuvering, merciless slandering, and at least three assassination attempts, the warring factions abruptly come to an accord. Thibalt marries Genevieve and they become Liege Lord Thibalt and Liege Lady Genevieve Lef'Chamet. Yves is offered the Liegess of Zaj, and the wizened Count Victor is deposed with Gaston becoming the new Count of Emfall. The others settle for the title liege heir and a stipend.

Daughter, Anouk, born to Liege Lord Thibalt and Liege Lady Genevieve Lef'Chamet after three miscarriages.

Son, Roland, born to Liege Lord Thibalt and Liege Lady Genevieve Lef'Chamet after a miscarriage.

The marriage of Anouk and Roland is arranged in anticipation of them taking the throne.

Count Gaston dies. Roland is named Count of Emfall.

Count Beniot dies. Claire's son Christophe becomes Count Christophe Rennik of Nehar.

Countess Elise dies. Anouk is given the title of Countess of Dhovisha.

Count Yves dies. Ines' daughter Agitha is named Countess Agitha Wurschester of Zaj.

Succession withdraws from the war against Bloodstone.

Rael is declared a kingdom. Messengers from Lord Rael are seen later that year in Castle Succession.

Liege Lord Thibalt dies. Roland and Anouk become Liege Lord and Liege Lady of Succession. They behave as husband and wife in public; but privately, they refuse to consummate the marriage.