Sun Kingdom

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  • Location: Alindor, Northern Coast, bordered to the west by Sagewald and the south by Erilyn. A short border with Taur'en also exists in the southwest.
  • Size: 1,620,000 square miles
  • Capital City: Lan's Port, while the royal family's principle residence is Sun Castle
  • Population: 140,000: 70% human, 25% dwarf, 2% halfling, 1% elf, 1% orc, 1% giant
  • Founder: Edmund Lan du'Morey
  • Current Ruler: Cynthia Sun
  • Date of founding The year 7 after the Cataclysm
  • Notable towns and cities: Grelp, Lan's Port, Maiden, Nel, Stone, Sun Castle
  • Other notable locations: Lismare River, Mount Tarax, Tower of Shadows, Wolfswood Forest

The northern border is that of a varied coastline. To the west the cliffs are steep and rocky while as you move east they become increasingly softened and the shore changes to sand. The southwest corner rises from arid steppes into the grandeur of Mount Tarax. Below this majestic peak are lower crags. To the east are the fertile valleys and fields that surround the lake regions. The southeastern boarder with Erilyn encompasses a fringe of the great Wolfswood Forest.