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  • Location: The region known as the Kingdom of Erilyn cuts a path through central Alindor
  • Size: 858,600 square miles
  • Capital City: Fort of Kings
  • Population: 230,000 -65% human, 20% elf, 5% halfling, 5% dwarf, 3% gnome, 1% giant, 1% brokanian
  • Founder: Bran Drayton
  • Current Ruler: King Briant I
  • Date of founding: 33 PC
  • Notable towns and cities: Caingierd, Dracton, Fort Edge, Fort Homestead, Fort of Kings
  • Other notable locations: Castle Imjam, Erilyn River, Lake of Glass, Plains of Kringard, Plains of the Slain, Wolfswood Forest

A fertile bowl of interval land lies in the middle of the kingdom and is the center of most of the agricultural activity of Alindor. The runoff from the smaller rivers and streams of the Taur'en and Crest Hills collect into the larger Erilyn River from which the kingdom gets its name. Dominating the north-central section of the Kingdom are the vast forests of the Wolfswood. The terrain of the forest varies from small hardwood groves to dense sections of ancient trees. Much of the area is known only to the elves that remained in the forest following the human elven wars of 300 P.C., and the hardy Wolfswood Rangers that protect the groves and creatures that call the forest home.

The vast majority of Erilyn is comprised of valley lands from its position between the two mountain ranges of the continent. There is rumored to be the remnants of an ancient mountain range hidden in the Wolfswood forest, mostly as caves and crags of granite.

As well, the Easternmost boundary of the kingdom is located within the foothills of the Mountains of Madness. Mineral and gemstone deposits have been discovered sporadically within the kingdom's history and it was a treaty with the dwarven clans of the Taur'en hills in 645 P.C. that annexed a portion of the Barony of Riglon to said clans as part of the settlement of the Crowsfeather dispute. In exchange, Riglon expanded a section of its coastline.

The Northern coastline is a small stretch of land that opens onto the Sea of Scales. The shallow coastal shelf that dominates the off shore of this area is rich in both shellfish and several types of sea plants. The sea plants are widely cultivated and exported for both alchemical substances and as food.

The Southern coastline borders on the Straits of Kratkin. A small ocean thermal moderates the climate of the area and despite the proximity of the strait to the Southern Ice Deserts; the Straits are open year round. There are a plethora of small rocky islands off the coastline that served as nesting sites for the Kratkin. This comical flightless sea bird that gives the Straits their name was unfortunately hunted to near extinction at one time in the Island's history.


The king is the head of the government. His word is absolute. He is aided by the King's Council which includes the Queen if there is one, the Barons and Baronesses of the land, the head stewards of each Barony, and several mages and clerics as appointed by the King.

The Lord Commander of the Army is the King, but often his military generals are part of the King's Council. Much of this governmental structure was erased in the somewhat controlled chaos of Milara's rule. After his retreat into the mountains however, many of the descendants of the former Lords and Counts stepped forward to reorganize the land. This was met with surprisingly little resistance as many of these families were still respected farmers and merchants in their own right.

History and Rumors

The Kingdom of Erilyn was officially founded in the year 33 PC when Bran Drayton successfully negotiated the annexation of the Wolfswood into the surrounding territories and set his sisters and their knight husbands in the governing of these Baronies under his banner.

The kingdom has a tumultuous but proud history. It was instrumental in ending the elf / human wars on the continent as well as being the last to hold out to the dark elf Milara for rule of the continent.

Now that it has emerged from the Dark Ages battered and bruised it once gain is ready to play a pivotal role in the politics of Alindor and indeed the whole of Layonara.

Agriculture, aquaculture and fishing are the mainstays of the Erilyn economy. The fertile plains grow a wide variety of grain, orchard and vegetable crops. There are numerous large cattle ranches located mainly in the Baronies of Riglon, Colors and southern Imjam, while the Barons and Baronesses of Imjam have long been connoisseurs of pedigree horses and have several stables of fine mounts.

Each of the Baronies has an official breeding stable for the war mounts used by her Knights and for the production of several important racing lines. Some of the bloodlines within the noble's horses are said to be that of Dregarian stock brought to the islands just prior to the cataclysm that all but destroyed the indigenous bloodlines.

Fishing provides a way of life for those Erilyns living along the lengthy coastline and its various bays and inlets. The annual catch of a vast array of fishes, whales, seabirds, and various other sea creatures provide a steady stream of export business to the warehouses of the coastal towns.

Those along the northern coastline also harvest the bounty of the oceans with fishing boats but as well have developed an industry from the harvest of several varieties of sea lettuces, kelp and shellfish that are plentiful along the shallow coastal shelf.

The main city of the kingdom is that of Fort of Kings, which has gone by several other names in the kingdom's history. Its docks are lined with the workshops of shipbuilders, fish plants and warehouses for the storage and shipment of the kingdom's agricultural and sea harvest. There is also merchant trade in goods from other areas of the continent encompassing artwork and metal products from both elven and dwarven citizens and wool and linen from the farming districts among other things.

The darkening of the skies and recent political turmoil has made life difficult for Erilyn's citizens. Crop yields declined; some complete crop failures have occurred. The autocratic rule of the dark mage Milara left the region with few reserves to hold it during the Dark Ages.

Complete crofts, hamlets and villages have been abandoned in some areas while those settlements close to the sea have expanded with hungry refugees. As in days past the economy turned once again to the seas to sustain Erilyn in hopes that the land recovers. With the Dark Ages over though, the realm is recovering.


The king is the Lord Commander of both the armed and naval forces. The exception to this is the elven archer component of the armed forces. They have their own commander who works with the King but is not beholden to him.

Milara's rule decimated the armed forces of Erilyn. However, with his retreat into the mountains, many families with noble ties to the Knights of old began to once more take up the livery and the duty. Slowly, the structure of command was rebuilt with Briant's return and with the Dark Ages over and the population growing, it is just a matter of time before the Knights of Erilyn are a force to be reckoned with once more.

Notable People

King Briant Drayton: Head of the kingdom as well as the Barony of Drayton, the king was feared lost to a terrible curse during the Rilara years. It was the heroic actions of a small group of adventurers that freed the King and his family from this curse and in doing so ensure the stability of Alindor and the re-emergance of Erilyn as a polical power. King Briant wed Anna Nable in 1438 and has three children.

Baron Kelly Nable is a direct descendant of David and Tara Nable who were given charge of the area south of the Rusty River and west of the Mountains of Madness by King Bran. Known as the Darkland Barony in part because of its relation to the shadow of the Mountains of Madness and also the dark rich soils that abide there.
He is a portly man who appears to be in his latter years. Often accompanied by his youthful granddaughter Anna Nabel he can be seen attending the vineyard of the estate's gardens. He is considered by his tenants to be a fair and just liege if not a bit hardened by his family's plight. In the year 1438 Anna Nabel wed King Briant I.

Baroness Nadia Green is the only member of the Royal council with significant traces of elven blood. She is a descendant of Peter and Nicole Arnestan as well as the former high druid of the Wolfswood Forest Silver Wolf Raestystira.
Her barony encompasses most of the Wolfswood Forest and she has her grandsire's gift with the forest. A free spirit, she is a friend to the elves, rangers as well as the flora and fauna of the forest. A stanch defender of the forest she also won the hearts of her retainers in the four countacies that sit on the edge of the woods.

Baron Emar Angil heads the agricultural lands of the Barony that bears his family name. Pious and practical, Arlene Angil turned the rich soils of this stretch of rich plains alongside their tenants. These earthy and homespun values have never left the family.
The Baron is a strong built man in his later years. He is known to value honesty and hard work in those that serve him. The darkening of the skies meant plenty of hardship for his people. He turned to some gnomish and other wizardly inventors to to magically enhance the production of grain and field products for his people during the Dark Ages and has kept to that tradition of invention.

Baroness Athalia Imjam has a volatile personality. This trait is said to be shared with her ancestor Anwene Drayton who married Timoty Imjam, first knight of King Bran. The couple was given the task of bringing the wild lands between the plains and the Fort of Kings to taming. This was the ancestral home of the King Bran along the Erilyn River and the original tower of the family summer residence is incorporated into Castle Imjam.
Descendants of Anwene have all been said to have close connections to the Al'Noth and the present Baroness is no different. She is reported to be a talented mage and has a staff of several other talented mages at her disposal. The Milara years were particularly harsh on the Baroness and some say have contributed to her stormy disposition.
Baroness Eileen Burint, along with her husband Baron Nathan, she watches over the rich pasture lands of the Barony of Colors. Her ancestor, Daniel Burint was a skilled rider as was his wife, the former Edana Drayton. Together they accepted the challenge from King Bran to tame the agricultural land of western Erilyn and in doing so also established some the finest stables for racing, war and carriage horses in all of Layonara.

The dark days left the stables of this land devoid of all but the most essential of breeding stock as grain to feed horses was diverted to feed mouths. There are stories that some of the bloodlines of the Knight Horses of Erilyn may contain the essences of other worldly equines such as Jhemina and pegasi. This of course is unfounded.
The current Baroness is a pleasant woman but said to be quiet and introvert. She is more at home with her horses than with people but is more than capable of performing her duties as the liege for the area. She is close to her kin and neighbor Baroness Athalia and can have a calming influence on her.

Baroness Saeeda Hoyer is also known by her people as the Sea Princess. She is a very beautiful woman with a voice that is almost sheer perfection. Polished and graceful she does suffer from a touch of vanity, but generally is quite accommodating to deal with.
Her territory is the smallest of the Baronies of Erilyn, but its harvests from the sea made it one of the most important in the dark times. Food produced here is carted as far away as Fort of Kings for resale. Given the close ties with the sea and the harvests of shell fish and sea plants as a mainstay of the peoples not living in the outskirts of the Wolfswood, this area has strong ties to the goddess Shindaleria and it is said that the Saeeda may in fact be one of hers.

Baron Oslo Riglon is as his family traditions deem him to be. He is a knight's knight. Although in his later year, his physique does not imply any form of weakness. He is as skilled as his ancestors Michael Riglon and Imre Drayton were in the arts of the blade.
Those of his territory that enter into the service of the Knights of Erilyn are often the best trained. Some have shunned the Baron due to his open training of men during the Milara years, as some of them were in the service of the dark elf mage. Others take as more lenient view that the Baron was attempting to keep the training traditions fresh and was gaining the trust of his enemy. Time will tell where his alliances lie.

Steward Jones Stine -A former captain in the KP militia, this experienced leader of men was given the task of acting head of the Barony of Drayton by the Baroness of Imjam and the Royal Council. He is of course aided by the various rural counts and Countesses in his duties, but here also was the dissension that the post was given to a commoner over those of more noble blood.
It is in the Barony of Drayton that the largest of the faction that would have seen Casisir Drayton take the throne. With the King's return , Stewart Jones is now commander of the Fort of Kings defenses.

Casisir Drayton was once claimed by some to be the heir apparent to the throne of Erilyn. This young soldier appeared in the streets of Fort of Kings some years before the present treaty with Milara and was known to be researching the plight of the royal families of the then defunct kingdom.
No one knows where he came from or if indeed his claim to the throne was valid. He had convinced enough people though to be a concern to the Royal Council, though never openly making the claim himself. After the return of King Briant to the throne, Baroness Imjam formally made the young soldier her legitimate heir and set about making a marriage alignment to the Kingdom of Trelania.


Currently the kingdom is comprised of eight divisions known as Baronies. These divisions are subdivided into areas known as Countacies that are land holds granted by either the King or a Baron of that land.

The Countacies are further subdivided into Manors which are overseen by Lord and Ladies of the realm. Manors are comprised of Quayters that are the agricultural divisions.

Settlements generally spring up around the Quayter that houses the manor house and are generally named for the Lordship governor.


Colonization of Alindor begins in earnest as refugees of the Dragon Wars flee southward. The seas are teaming with fish that help to sustain a population that has had crops and hunting grounds torn asunder by the war.

The village of Drayton Cove is formed and quickly grows to be an important place of commerce. Large fishing fleets congregated there for the biannual harvest of the seas.

Fishing stocks begin to show a decline. The last Great Southern Ice Whale known is hauled into Temper bay and hoisted as a trophy to the city. Oil from the whale filled a reported 257 wooden barrels.

The Battle of the Bloody Wave occurs off the coast of the Coral of Faces. The fall fishing fleet is decimated on the rock with very few survivors. The lack of a fall catch leads to the starvation of many along the coastline that winter.

Hill Giants begin to crowd the human settlements east of Taur'en. Bloody skirmishes continue for many generations. Dwarves settle in the Sunrise valley.

Reports of the Glass Clipper sinking in the Corals of Faces. Flag ship for the pirate Thumper Sash, she is reported to have been carrying a king's ransom in treasure from raids on islands to the north.

The remains of what appears to be a dragon wash up on the shore of Temper Bay. It is thought the dragon died during the dragon wars and was preserved in the giant ice fields of the extreme south. The carcass mysteriously disappeared however. Bards of the day report that it was stolen by dark elves that emerged from the edges of the central forest.

An earthquake rumbles through the center of Alindor. Casualties are few, but a chasm opens in the large central forest.

The Veil of Grey shrouds the southern coast for almost two solid weeks. The thick heavy fog prevents all vessels from safely leaving port. It is suspected this fog was unnatural as the barbarian ship Adreen slipped ahead of the fog with the daughter of a prominent priest of Mist as captive.

The Pride of Mist, captained by Bartamus Drayton, returns to Drayton Cove after the recovery of the lady of the city kidnapped by a Dregar Barbarian. High seas prevent the ship from immediately making berth in the Cove and shelter is sought in a harbor across the bay.

Bran Drayton defeats his uncle Tremeer for control of the land south of the Erilyn River. He appoints his sisters Anwene Imjam and Imre Riglon to govern the territories.

The land west of the Mournful Mountains is reclaimed by Bran Drayton and his followers. He installs his sister Tara Nabel to hold the land.

Edana Burint takes control the vast valley lands after her brother's forces drive off the clans of Orcs and Ogres terrorizing the homesteading farmers. A tenuous truce is made with the kenku of the region.

Harpies, Griffons, and other beasts are beaten back so that orchards and pastures can be created in the gentle hills east of Stag's Run. Arlene Angil governs the land for her brother Bran Drayton. The trail leading north through the central forests to the Sea of Scales is beset by a covey of drakes. The group now known as the Knights of Erilyn defeats the forces controlling them and step forward to govern the seacoast and the path to Branstown.


  • Careful negotiations with the forest elves, fey and others living in the central forest bring a union of that land with the surrounding territories. A council of elders meets in the center of the wood for two months before the treaty is ratified. The Arnstans build a tower near the Whispering Groves to oversee the King's interests in the forest. From that point on the central area of the continent was known as Erilyn.
  • Bran Drayton was proclaimed King. He names his sisters and their husbands to aid in the governing of the land, giving them each the territories they had been overseeing for him. These he named the Baronies. The original Knights of Erilyn, King Bran and his sisters and brothers in law were trumpeted into the City of Branstown which was heralded as King's Land.

Druids of the central forest present an oak sapling to the city of King's Land in recognition of the birth of his first son, Xarian Drayton.

Xarian I is crowned king of the Erilyn upon the death of King Bran.

The borders of Erilyn expand slowly as more land is cleared for farming. The first running of the Princess Regatta occurs to celebrate the birth of the daughter of King Xarian.

A violent summer storm causes massive flooding and destruction along the coastline of Elmspath. More than 200 are believed to have perished. The then Tide of the South West was blamed for the incident but was never held accountable.

Xarian II takes the throne.

The Human-Elven war reaches Erilyn. Relations between the Barony of Green and elves are tense. Provisions within the Treaty of 33 help to stem outright hostilities but deadly skirmishes with the humans of the wood and valley do occur. The Knights do their best to keep the peace.

Archers assassinate King Xarian II while he attends the spring forest festival. The heir to the throne, as well as Baroness Rhinnan Hoyer and Baron Thomas Arnestan are also killed in the raid on the King's caravan. Bloody skirmishes frequent the perimeter of the great forest as the citizens seek revenge for the death of their King. Brennan Drayton assumes the throne.

The farming town of Homestead builds walls to protect its self from the raids. This fortified town becomes a major safe haven for travelers along the path known as the King's Road.

The faction responsible for the King's assassination is brought to trial in King's Land. The actual archers responsible are never found. The group calling themselves Forest Wolves are found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death.

King Adell is crowned in the wake of the Blaze of Bitters. Plague is introduced to the Kingdom from an unknown source. The elves are blamed for the disease as it seems to spare them. King Brennan I contracts and dies to the fevers that mark the illness. A cure is found upon presenting his body to an Archaic of Nysyer Sound for examination. Mistites blamed the Shindalerian elves for the plague even though the cure was successful and they and Aeridinite healers had not been able to do anything.

The Oxen hills are annexed from the Barony of Riglon to the hill dwarves to the northwest. In return Erilyn received fishing and whaling rights off the southwestern coast for a period of 1200 years.

King Hiralm I crowned on the death of his father.

King Hiralm I is mortally wounded in a hunting accident. His son, Hiralm II ascends to the throne.

Military activity from the east in the Swamp of Sorrows drives fleeing Two Toe trolls into Erilyn territory. Hiralm II increases the patrols along the border but no outright hostilities occur with Morholt.

While clearing land on the edge of the central forest, a landholder in Angil Barony makes a remarkable discovery. The remains of a tower are found in the brambles and an investigative team of sages from the capital are sent to investigate. Many interesting artifacts and papers are supposedly taken to Imjam castle as the Baron of Imjam was reported to be a mage of some skill. The exact nature of these artifacts was never revealed.

Stephan I assumes the crown and chalice from his father who abdicates to a quiet country life. King Hiralm II dies 8 years later.

Baron Emile Arnestan weds Asn'tlenia Raestystira and unites the Central forest once again. Hostilities slowly cease in the forest as those wishing to sail to the elven homeland of Voltrex are given the King's flag ship in which to do so. Those that stay behind are given autonomy from the formal divisions of Erilyn. Concessions on ending the hostilities included the naming of the forest the Wolfswood in honor of the bride's druid father and leader of the most prominent families of the forest. All Countacies are removed save the 4 on the outskirts of the forest. Many elven rangers and druids stayed behind from the exodus to Voltrex to protect and guard the treasures of the forest.

Stephan II's reign begins. It is a rocky beginning as large numbers of giants pour out of the eastern mountains to invade the Barony of Darkland. Their leader was an extraordinarily intelligent Mountain giant known as Warfist. Rumor was that he had a vision of his reign over the entire Darkland region and decided that Grannoch had willed the destruction of the humans. It was a hard fought victory, but the giants were beaten back. It was later surmised that Warfist was insane and addicted to a particularly noxious Xeenite pipe weed known for producing visions of grandeur.

Xarain III takes the throne when Stephan II dies in a military exercise. The horse Stephan II was riding suddenly bolted when an emerald drake attacked from the edge of an orchard. Rumors of assassination persisted for decades but could not be proven.

Xarain IV begins his reign over Erilyn.

Drier than normal weather this year leads to massive crop failures in central Erilyn. The dryness is also a major factor in massive forest fires which destroy nearly an eighth of the central forest. Druids of the forest cited balance and the necessary cleansing nature of the fire, but 400 families along the edges of the burnt area are left homeless. Baroness Asn'tlenia Arnestan provides support from the elven community in the forest for these displaced families.

Stephan III is crowned. In a move that caused much controversy at the time, he chose to marry a lady from the islands to the northeast. Known as Rodes to those in Alindor, this was the first instance of a foreign born queen in Erylin.

A pirate known as Jacard Blueknot terrorizes the southern coastal areas. He eludes capture by the King's navy for almost eight years. When finally apprehended he chose to give his life to the sharks of Grisly Bay rather than face a trial in the capital. Reports of a ghost ship have lingered in that area and the whereabouts of his fortune was never discovered.

Stephan IV, Erilyn's most famous naval commander, takes the throne. A skilled seaman, this unorthodox sovereign was more at home on the sea than in court. During his reign, the seas of Alindor were safe for merchant and traveler as he was the bane of most privateers. It is tragic that one so at home on the seas was in the end lost to a storm.

Cedrick Drayton assumes the throne after the tragic sinking of the Alindor Lady in a hurricane. His father, the crown prince Stephan, his grandfather Stephan IV, wife and baby daughter were drowned when their ship sank on its return to Alindor from a diplomatic visit to Mistone. Only the young heir and his younger brother Jonas survived. Legend has it that merfolk arose from the waves to save the two young boys, though this was not confirmed. When Cedrick assumed the throne, however, he changed the previous coat of arms supports to two merfolk.

Work begins in Temper harbor on a small temple dedicated to Shindaleria. This greatly upsets the Mistite clergy in the court. Many protests are made, but Cedrick is adamant that the temple be built. Archaic Lashaislala'enris blesses the temple two years later. To maintain a semblance of peace Cedrick donates a large block of granite found in a harbor iceberg to the Mistites for a statue in their temple.

Erilyn mourns the passing of King Cedrick. The king never remarried after the tragic death of his beloved, so his nephew Graig Drayton takes sword, crown and chalice to the kingdom.

The crown passes to Boyce Drayton, after his father dies of natural causes. King Graig was always of a delicate nature but thankfully his son inherited a more robust constitution as just five years into his reign a cult of some nefarious worshipers introduce a poison into the water supply of the city. Many thousands die an agonizing death only to rise again as undead. One of the artifacts from the Kringard tower stored in Imjam Castle provides the clues necessary for the cure. The cult leaders are never caught.

Cedrick II takes the throne.

Troll raids plague those near the northeastern boarders of the kingdom. The trolls become more organized near the swamp of sorrows and always a threat to the settlers, a detachment of Knights from the other Baronies is sent to control the problem.

Boyce II begins his reign with the signing of a treaty expanding the northwestern border of Elmspath. Part of this treaty is the marriage of his younger daughter Rhianna to the Sun King's grandson.

Adell II begins his reign.

Queen Cynthia presents several volumes from the royal Library to the new Aragenite temple of Alindor. The queen, a devoted follower of Aragen, pledges the realm's support of the facility.

Cedrick III is named King of Erilyn. He is the second son of King Adell II and Queen Cynthia, the elder son Thames choosing to abdicate his throne in lieu of a life at sea. Thames Drayton is made the commander of the Erilyn naval forces when his brother takes the crown.

Quinton Drayton begins his reign. He is the son of Thames, as Cedrick III never married.

A large vein of gold ore and semi precious gems is discovered in the western hills of Riglon Barony as it borders on the Taur'en Hills. Many skirmishes break out over ownership and mining rights for the gems and minerals. Dwarfs of the Ash Shield clan, and druids of the Grey Crow Grove fought for nearly two years before King Quinton ratified a treaty to end the dispute. Known as the Crowfeather paper, it granted the portion of Riglon Barony with the deposit to the dwarves of the Taur'en in exchange for trading rights and a portion of western coast land.

Adell III ascends the throne.

The weather behaves quite strangely and for the first time in recorded history, ice jams the Kratkin Straits. Some use the opportunity for an expedition south to the great frozen wastelands of the Southern Ice Desert. While only about 13 of the original 100 adventurers return, there are reports that some of the ice floes were inhabited by tribes of short chubby human types that lived off the animals that called the floes home. Most of these reports are dismissed as delirium.

Stephan V's rule begins

High Druid of the Wolfswood forest Silver Wolf Raestystira dies under mysterious circumstances. Immediately preceding his passing to an unknown affliction were the reports of many strange lights in the sky over the region of the forest known to contain a deep and uncharted cleft left from the great cataclysm. There was some speculation of Dark Elf activity in that area for centuries but it was never proven.

Boyce III receives the crown on the death of his father.

Heavy storm surges rock the northern coastline of Elmspath. A large proportion of the shellfish stocks are lost for about 2 decades. The high waves tear at the sandy coastline and when one large cliff collapses an extensive underlying cavern system is revealed. The caverns prove to be too deadly to explore as they are only accessible during extremely low tides and flood too quickly for any to fully map their extent. It is surmised that these may be the water source for the Swamp of Sorrows.

William is crowned king. The next year his eldest daughter Sara marries a Threadmaster in the far off city of Spellgard. The two met while he was studying the area around the chasm in the Wolfswood.

William II takes the throne.

William III begins his reign with the promise of aid to the City of Gold on Mistone after its near desctruction by Dark Elves and dragons. Knights are dispatched and five frigates are sent, full of supplies for the people of the ransacked city. Dark Elf activity in the Kingdom is closely monitored, especially in those areas traditionally thought to be connected to previous Dark Elf sightings.

Hiralm III takes the throne.

Reports of invasions by creatures never before seen in this world near the East and West coasts of Alindor cause panic within some of the border areas. Travelers through the passes of the Mountains of Madness also report seeing strange beasts. Border patrols are stepped up and sages from the capital are sent to investigate the occurrences.

Byron relieves Hiralm III of the throne when the former monarch is struck down in battle with a nefarious creature. The creature appeared in Temper's Ferry while the King was making his annual rounds of the Barony keeps. While he was not immediately killed, his maiming was severe. His eldest son took the office as monarch while his father lingered in fever for 3 months before succumbing to his injuries. On the eve of his father's death it is rumored that a dark ship made berth in the harbor and that an unholy crew disembarked with a cloaked elf at their head. None dared to approach as they made a route of the city then boarded their vessel and sailed east toward the mountains.

Stewards representing the Kingdom entertain an entourage from the wizard Milara. There is concern over the rumors of his building a fortress in the Mountains of Madness. While no definite pacts are agreed upon during these meetings, there is a general state of unrest within the Kingdom. Erilyn's allies begin to fall back and pledge either support or neutrality to the power in the mountains.

Milara makes his announcement of the renaming of the continent of Alindor to Rilara. Byron openly opposes his sovereignty over the land and vows that Alindor will exist within the borders of Erilyn. Two years later the king is killed at the hands of an unknown assassin.

Kendrick I ascends the throne upon the assassination of his father. The country is in a constant state of battle with demons and undead forces at its borders. Other kingdoms openly refuse aid, but there is still a strong resistance movement centered in the Kingdom. An influx of those who oppose Milara flood into the Kingdom, thereby swelling the population but also taxing food and shelter resources.

Edwin I ascends the throne.

979 The quayters of Apple Run, Alder swift and Maple Grove are completely destroyed in battle. The loss of the three main wheat producing quayters of Colors makes for a very lean year. Tithes to support the now growing armies are difficult to meet. There is some unrest in the countryside as people grow hungry. King Edwin manages to secure a shipment of grain from Dregar. The cost to the royal treasury is high but deaths due to starvation are greatly reduced. Deaths due to demonic and undead attacks continue to climb.

Kendrick II begins his reign at the end of almost a century of warfare. Dwarves from the Taur'en Hills aid the Barony of Riglon in the construction of a tunnel system in the mountain. Here provisions are stored away from the battles and commoners can seek shelter during attacks.

Alexander takes the reins of a battle weary Kingdom. Erilyn still refuses to adopt the name of Rilara though no envoys are seen from the power in the mountains.

Elmspath is almost entirely cut off from the Kingdom for a period of three years. It can only be reached by ship or by traveling around the Wolfswood, as a powerful magical field blocks its borders within the Forest. Eventually the covey of vampires responsible for the life-draining field were uncovered and dealt with, but the isolation of the Barony and the effects it had on her people were felt for decades. It is said that traces of this field can still be felt in that region of the forest by those very in tune with the Al'Noth.

Briant I is crowned a full three months after the assassination of the Diamoniar heir, as, true to the chaos of the world, King Alexander also dies violently while leading his Knights to battle in the Darkland Barony.

A lull of peace descends over the Kingdom. For a period of seven years there are no further sightings of the demons and undead that were plaguing the land. The populace believes that the war is over, though no official edict is released from the palace. During this time a new tower appears in the Wolfswood. The palace does issue a call for those talented in all things magical to aid the King in some issue.

The Erilyn River runs red with the blood of its countrymen. One final stand occurs on the Plains of the Slain. Armies from the Mountains meet the Armies of the Erilyn. Erilyn is crushed under the boot of Milara. Only a handful of the thousands that fought survive. Milara gains complete control over the continent and the name Rilara now applies to the entire land mass.

A large rookery of griffons with a taste for humanoid and bovine flesh is established over the area of the Plains of the Slain.

The remnants of the Knights of Erilyn are disbanded and outlawed. Milara's troops, positioned around the Knights' former keeps, take the once proud livery as a mockery of what it stood for. Milara installs his own supporters in the steward positions. The countacies are dissolved. All land is the property of Milara in title, and tithes are paid to his representatives. The court system breaks down. Towns begin to govern themselves, and quickly the strongest or nastiest individuals rise to power. The Palace in King's Land is sealed closed for unknown reasons. The courthouse is vandalized and the court records burned.

Giant tribes begin to populate the Wolfswood in far greater numbers than ever previously seen.

The kenku of the Western region move well out of the treaty lands with no one to halt their expansion.

An adventuring troupe supposedly hailing from Northern Dregar is rumored to have thwarted a ritual to create a gate to the Pits of Endless Strife on the edge of a small swamp known as the Cracked Tooth Moors in Angil Barony. Several of the troupe settled in the area and were rewarded with Manors by the Baron's stewards.

Famine spreads over Erilyn as crops fail. A necromantic fog is blamed. An investigation by a team of mages hired by local farmer's groups seems to sort out the problem but poor production persists for decades.

In response to the increasing lawlessness of the land and the threats to the great central forests, the group known as the Wolfswood Rangers was formed. First Commander Robt Erichsen was said to be a close friend of the Baroness Arnstad.

Less and less is seen of Milara, as he withdraws increasingly to his stronghold in the mountains.

A few adventurers report that they were unable to stop a ritual which involved the Wolfswood Spider during the height of the Crimson Moon.

Dark elf bandits harass travelers along the area now know as Arbur. They are eventually routed by a band of adventurers.

It is rumored that Milara is confronted by a strong band of adventurers in his mountain stronghold. At the same time the scorpion constellation disappears from the night sky.

As word of the defeat of Bloodstone reaches the land once known as Erilyn, darkness fills the skies. Crops wither on the vine. Farmers have a hard time keeping family and livestock fed. The bounty of the oceans seems to be less affected though the chill in the air eventually cools the waters as well. Ice fields on the South Polar Sea expand even in that first winter.

The grasp of Milara seems to weaken. The name Alindor is whispered freely once again.

Darkness covers the Mountains of Madness. It is rumored to be the result of an agreement made by the Bird Lord and many other heroes with Milara.

Tremors rock the interior of the Wolfswood forest as a multicolored light splits the darkened skies and shoots into the heavens for a spit second. Rangers attempt to comb the area for an explanation but are turned back by a strange force. Mages under the direction of Baroness A. Imjam are sent to investigate. No reports are made public but rumor has it that a rift of some sort exists at the center of the explosion.