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The clergy of Rofirein have a distinct hierarchy, as would be expected by a Church of Law. They are often referred to as the advocates of the common people and have a strong following among the general populace in many nations.

Elections and Organizations 

Golden Voice of Justice, His Holy Honor Barvanth Hiramun III

Barvanth III has been the current Golden Voice of the faith of Rofirein since his acceptance of the office 40 years ago at the last Meeting of the Voices. Now in his late 80's, Barvanth was until recently buoyant in mind, body, and spirit. That was until General Lord Rael attacked and captured Prantz and established his own set of laws. The Golden Voice of Justice had been summoned to the throne room of the late King Wayland to meet with the new ruler and left that day a broken man. Since then, Barvanth has retreated to his private chapel in prayer and solitude, leaving those beneath him to deal with the current situation in Prantz. With no clear direction, he has been praying for guidance from his benefactor. Barvanth had been highly respected during his life as one of the best lawmakers of his era. The former king had often turned to Barvanth to adjudicate on matters of law and also disputes for his kingdom. Many considered the voice of Barvanth to be the direct translation of the justice of Rofirein. However, Barvanth's true genius lay in his ability to manipulate words and people to desired ends. While his goals were always in service to the Great Dragon, there were those within the church that felt that Barvanth's approach took much of the spirituality out of the faith in Rofirein and replaced it with too much clinical adherence to tenants of the faith. His belief was that the church was there to guide people's minds and approaches to following the laws of the Lord Protector through strict guidelines and principles of worship.

Hence, one of the most challenging documents and Barvanth's legacy to the faith is the Scale of Justice, a 300-page canon of church law dictating to the clergy, laypeople, and faithful on how they practice worship of Rofirein. It has been much criticised by a faction of Rofireinites who believe in a more spiritual and freer approach to faith than the current leadership advocates. His goal in producing this work was to demonstrate that through law and order comes peace and prosperity for all. Barvanth has never been shy of leading from the front and initiating unrest in lands controlled by leaders who do not adhere to the Charter of Laws. In this, he is a firm believer in the power of the people and the need and want for a better society over the evil practices of despotism and tyranny.

Keeper of the Lore of Gold, High Justiciar Gareth Lemont

This illustrious position is considered by many to be equal to if not more important than the Golden Voice of Justice and is a lifelong position decided unanimously by the Golden Voice and the Golden Triune. The Keeper of the Lore of Gold is responsible for the collating, recording, and protecting of the histories of the Order of Rofirein. This person has the power of the church at their command in carrying out their duty and the team of clergy members assigned to this office to serve under the Keeper of the Lore of Gold. These men and women are often willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the holy tomes and books under their care. Those serving the Keeper swear a deeply binding oath to protect the Lore of Gold in every circumstance, and those failing in their duty are sent to remote monasteries to pray in solitude for the rest of their life. Many of those in service to this office are mages and clerics who favor the pursuit and maintenance of documentation and official records, including the local census. These people are also primarily responsible for all logistical matters of a temple and hold the rank of lorekeepers. Senior members of the Keepers Office are simply called senior lorekeepers.

  • Charter of Laws

    The single most important duty of the Keeper's office is the protection of the sacred relic the Charter of Laws. Written in the days of Emperor Raklin Diamoniar, it is one of the most powerful and influential items in the history of the Rofirenite church. One could easily say that this single unique item is responsible for the power and position the church holds today in the eyes of the world. It is always kept in extensive magical wards and attended by the most loyal and trusted temple guardians.

Golden Triune, Voices of Justice: Their Honors Siann O'Mally, Martyn Pelk, Horton Hiramun

The Golden Triune are members of the clergy who have shown long and noteworthy continuous service to Rofirein as well as the ability to be discerning, politic, and influential. Members of the Golden Triune serve until they pass away, retire, step down, or are removed from the position. Being removed from the position can only take place at a Meeting of the Voices and two of the triune must vote out the third member and have the support of the Golden Voice of Justice to do so. The same procedure is used to elect a new Voice of Justice from the ranks of clergy. Applicants send forth their request for the position with their references and supporters included on the application. This is then voted on by the remaining Voices and the Golden Voice. No layperson can become a Voice of Justice. The Golden Triune is made up of the following individuals:

  • Siann O'Mally is a woman in her late 60's with very strong opinions and is often at odds with Barvanth. However, she is a shrewd and intelligent lawmaker and out of many members of the clergy at the cathedral in Prantz, she has been the only one to meet with Lord Rael openly and discuss the upkeep of his laws.
  • Martyn Pelk is perhaps the most respected man within the cathedral in Prantz. His quiet, softly spoken manner and genuine love for the people of Prantz stand him in good stead. Unfortunately for Martyn, he lacks support within the upper ranks of clergy to see him advance any further at this stage.
  • Horton Hiramun is the brother of Barvanth. Many claim he is there solely by direct intervention of Barvanth. Horton is in his late 50's and has held a string of positions in churches across Alindor, many of which ran out of funds and were forced to receive monetary concessions from the cathedral in Prantz. Investigations were undertaken but did not establish any direct fault. However, he lives a hidden but opulent lifestyle. Siann often uses this leverage to push Horton in directions she wants him to go.

High Warden of the Principium, High Justiciar Ordolf Wolvinstar

Almost as powerful as the Keeper and yet separate in power, is the High Warden of the Principium. Followers of Rofirein are called to serve the law in the highest regard. Thus, as advocates of the law, they themselves must be able to hold themselves against the toughest criticism and scrutiny. The Office of Principium ensures that the law is the power that acts in the capacity of a watchdog keeping the faithful constantly aware that they must continually strive for justice, order, and adherence to the ideals set out in the Charter of Laws and by Rofirien himself. The faithful need to remain watchful, because with the passive or active consent of the societies among which there is little or no order or equality of the law, justice and injustice are whatever those allowed to administer them determine them to be. So long as ignorance, envy, greed, desire and grasp of power, wars being waged under the aegis of the worlds separate leaders, and gods who cast their shadows upon the world, there is serious question as to the evolution of justice toward a greater good.

This office is first and foremost concerned that members of the faith are always held in the highest regard and in turn hold to the principals and values that Rofirein elicits. Cases of fraud, corruption, and the likes both within and from outside the order are dealt with swiftly and harshly. The members of this office tend to wear uniforms of black and gold trim to set them apart from the rest of the faith. These are the men and women whose primary task is to ensure the integrity of the church and that its role in the world remains unassailable. This office is also responsible for hearing appeals from marshals who had been interfered with in carrying out their own duties. It's quite normal for clergy members to feel very nervous around these men and women who in all respects are almost considered zealots in their vision of the church. They are officially called wardens.

High Justiciars -- Judges

Clergy given the rank of high justiciar of their temple are highly respected among the laypeople and clergy attending them. They tend also to be responsible for overseeing the adjudicating and interpreting of law and dispensing justice in league with local forces for the area in which they serve. High justiciar's are appointed as required by the Golden Triune. There are never more than nine high justiciar's at any given time; the number of judges a direct translation of the number of gold stars in the Dragon's Eye constellation representing Rofirein. In most instances, these justiciar's are responsible for overseeing the Divine Court for their areas.

Guardians of Justice -- Magistrars -- Protectors of Justice

Guardians of Justice are clerics that are responsible for and specialize in the law as decreed by the Divine Court. Magistrars are always made up of the clerics who spend several years further study in all aspects of the law. These clerics are always attached to a local courthouse or place of law where guidance and wisdom is required. It is from the ranks of these specially trained men and women that the residing judges of the Divine Court are selected. While some clerics actively engage in this mission, others lean toward the protection aspect of service to the Lord Protector and take up title and roles of Protectors of Justice. Many Protectors of Justice become leaders in the temple guards or achieve ranks within the Knights of the Wyrm.


The general ranks of the clergy are filled with protectors serving in various roles and positions across the order. Many serve in the offices of the Golden Voice, the Golden Triune, Keeper of the Lore of Gold, various temples across the world, offices of judges, law courts etc. Some may also hold positions within the Guardians of the Wyrm or the Knights of the Wyrm. Many laypeople are also rewarded with the title of protector.


The first step of the Path of Rofirein is that of the initiate. All those chosen spend at least four years as an initiate, learning law and various others skills including basic combat, etiquette, diplomacy, honor, chivalry, and healing. On completion of this period of training, each successful initiate is presented with a shield bearing the symbol of Rofirein by the high justiciar during an appropriate ceremony.

Guardians of the Wyrm -- Temple Guards

Most temple guards are drawn from the ranks of fighters, rangers, and occasionally paladins. These souls have dedicated their lives to protecting the temples and other sacred places of the Rofireinite faith. They spend many years perfecting their combat technique, with special emphasis on use of the tower shield and defensive tactics. Some special few are selected to become marshals for the Divine Court.