Sagewald Kingdom

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  • Location: Sagewald Kingdom encompasses the northwestern part of Alindor.
  • Size: insert size
  • Capital City: Mariner's Hold. The crown prince resides in Sagewald Fort.
  • Population: 485,000 -70% human, 15% halfling, 5% elf, 5% dwarf, 2% gnome, 2% orc, 1% giant
  • Founder: Hailin Wisefoot
  • Current Ruler: William Sagewald
  • Date of founding 1121
  • Notable towns and cities: Mariner's Hold, Osl Fort, Sagewald Fort
  • Other notable locations: Bear Island, Crest Hills, Demon Lake, Falls Forest, Orness Downs, Wraith Tower

Sagewald's terrain is varied, at its heart sits the huge Falls Forest, the second largest forest on the continent. The entire eastern part of the kingdom is covered by the Crest Hills. These hills make up the border with the Sun Kingdom to the east, as well as a large part of the border with the Taur'en Kingdom to the south. The rest of the realm is made up of plains. South of Mariner's Hold, in Hazewater Bay, lies Bear Island. This island, while technically part of the kingdom, has had man-like bears living on it for as long as anyone can remember. These creatures are generally left alone, except by those seeking adventure.


Sagewald is ruled entirely by the king. Even though it is divided into three provinces, the power of the king overrules the provinces' authority. The king is aided by a Council formed by the most influential nobles and merchants.

History and Rumors

Starting in about 1120 a halfling named Halin Wisefoot establishes a trading company in the area of what is now Mariner's Hold. The port is free to expand trade for the continent in the Rilara years, a freedom rumored to be due to paying significant amounts to Milara.

As Bloodstone is defeated and darkness descends on Layonara, William Sagewald, the wealthiest merchant in the district seizes the hearts and minds of the population and establishes himself as king.

War over resources and ancient slights breaks out against the newly consolidated Kingdom of Taur'en. The skirmishes ebb and flow with neither gaining an upper hand. After the tsunami that decimated a full third of the capital in 1433, the troops and support of Rael were thought to perhaps tip that balance but as of yet the fighting still lingers with no truce in sight.


Sagewald has a strong and well-equipped army, and recruits adventurers and mercenaries for more specific missions. Most of the army is in the south now, due to the war.

Notable People

William Sagewald -The monarch of Sagewald is an average-height gaunt man, but his physical appearance shows nothing of his skills. A capable fighter and unnaturally charismatic leader, he led Sagewald to its current grandeur, and fought alongside his people against many obstacles, such as the Dark Ages and the nation of Taur'en.

Daniel Sagewald -Ruler of Sagewald Fort and General of the Royal Army, Daniel is a tall and strong man. Proficient with all styles of combat and with extended experience in battles, his only flaw is the absolute lack of diplomacy. He favors soldiers over negotiators, and this sole trait shows how the war with Taur'en will evolve in the next years.

Marcus Sagewald -The crown prince of Sagewald. William sent him alongside his uncle Daniel to boost the morale of the army. He's still too young to fully understand his part in the war, but his charismatic smile is enough to motivate the soldiers of the Fort.


William adopted a neutral stance to most other kingdoms, and is allied to Brelin thanks to the bond between Mariner's Hold and Port Hempstead. Many trade routes pass through Sagewald, so other kingdoms try to maintain friendly relations with it. Sagewald is at war with Taur'en, and the recent renaming of the southern kingdom angered the Sagewald family.

Slavery is legal in Sagewald, but is generally frowned upon by the social elite, and the practice has diminished substantially in the kingdom.


A fishing village in the western part of Alindor starts prospering, thanks to the abundance of fish.

Milara makes his announcement of the renaming of the continent of Alindor to Rilara.

Fishing ships start disappearing, and a sea monster attacks some villages. An adventuring party finds the monster's cave underwater, and they exterminate him.

Some fishing villages are used by passing ships to resupply. They start growing with this business. One of them, Mariner's Hold, grows from village to small city. Humans and other races become more common.

Halin Wisefoot, a Halfling merchant, starts his own trading company. With skill and a bit of Halfling luck, he starts to turn the small city in a large trading hub. Various trading companies are born, and many smaller cities are founded around Mariner's Hold. While not founding a real kingdom, this does herald the rise of the Hold as a trading port.

Due to it being as far from Milara's throne as possible on the continent, Mariner's Hold grows into a large trading port. Rumor has it that Halin has managed to keep the city relatively independent by agreeing to make large payments to Milara.

After defeating Erilyn, Milara gains complete control over the continent and the name Rilara now applies to the entire land mass. Mariner's Hold however, continues to do well on trade.

The Algarv trading company engages several pirate ships, in a massive naval battle near Mariner's Hold. Half the company's vessels are destroyed, and the pirate leaders escape.

Halin travels to Port Hempstead on Mistone to strengthen the trading routes between his city and the City of Gold. A strong bond starts to form between both cities.

As Mariner's Hold's sphere of influence expands further south, the number of humans in the city increases rapidly. Its borders eventually reach Falls Forest to the west. The wild elves there make it impossible for roads to cross through the forest, so the important trading outposts are formed beyond its borders, and the roads circle around it.

A giant tribe attacks Mariner's Hold and causes great damage before being forced to retreat. The attack reveals the need of fortifications to protect the port town's wealth, but no new walls are built. Halin Wisefoot dies during this attack.

The elves in Falls Forest send an emissary to Mariner's Hold. A meeting with the trading guilds is organized, and after three days of negotiations, the elves allow a few routes through the forest.

Bloodstone returns to the world and starts his war campaign. Mariner's Hold and the Kingdom become an important trading route, being far from Milara's grasp, and far safer than Katherian. Walls and fortifications are built, and several forts along the trade roads are created.

Milara is seen less and less, and the traders of Mariner's Hold allow themselves more freedom and start constructing city walls.

Bloodstone is defeated, after over sixty years of war, and a dust cloud shrouds the world in darkness.

The grasp of Milara seems to weaken. The name Alindor is whispered freely once again.
William Sagewald, the richest merchant in Mariner's Hold, gains the support of the population thanks to his charismatic and patriotic speeches. Claiming the defeat of Bloodstone a mark of a new era, he changes the name of the region to the Kingdom of Sagewald. He is crowned the first merchant king. The population, specially farmers and commoners, look up to him as the bringer of better times.

A strange disease caused by the debris in the air marks its first victim: William II, the king's son and heir to the throne. The King orders the construction of a mausoleum in the castle for his son, and gathers sages to research this new illness.

Sagewald and Taur'en declare war on each other, to fight over the resources in the Taur'en Hills. The bulk of the army is moved south, leaving a few divisions to guard Mariner's Hold.

Marcus Sagewald, the crown prince, moves with his uncle Daniel to Sagewald Fort, to boost the morale of the troops stationed there.