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Corath's temples can be found in well-established societies, yet are rarely known about and even more rarely rooted out.

Tower Vereor

Twisting upward near the center of the city of Arnax on Belinara, the Tower Vereor (locally called either Corath's temple or the Tower of Dread) is home to a concentration of the Sanctum and some Veneficus and also the Sanctus Mortis. This is considered the main temple of the faith on Layonara and operates quite openly.
Interestingly, Arnaxites have come to rely upon this temple as the requirements for assistance are, while unpalatable, at least clear compared to the often infuriating temple to Shadon. Tensions between the Corathites and the Shadonites have ratcheted up in part because of this.

Here is done the bulk of the experimentation on corruption of form and specialized forms of unliving, and the tower also ministers to its citizens. Help can be requested for a sacrifice, usually an animal; although, people go missing in Arnax regularly enough to arouse suspicions if not action. Not surprisingly, those without compassion for their fellow beings do much better
in this city than those with a conscience.

The tower doesn't appear tall from the street, perhaps four stories of soot-darkened brick. However, a few local visitors say that part of the tower is unseen and extends up many more stories and also many stories underground. Inside, the walls of the welcoming chamber are splashed with blood, and an unholy altar is to the right of the door for sacrificial offerings. A careful look will note that the altar is long enough to accommodate a human.

Unliving wander the rooms and halls. Skeletons and zombies in armor and carrying weapons act as guards while wraiths flit through walls and floors carrying messages for their masters. Distant howls of other creatures, many in great pain, echo off the walls.

Often seen on the ground level is the Sanctus Mortis, who has an interest in those who would enter her tower. She takes great delight in the defeated look on most commoners faces as they offer up a chicken or a baby pig, and has said publicly that the slow chipping away of the soul is a process she enjoys watching more than any other. It is rumored that the Sanctus Mortis actually runs the city and the current mayor is merely a pawn; only the poor, angry, and stupid voice this sentiment aloud.

After offering a sacrifice, one can speak to Darneth about purchases or other things one might want or need if one can get past his bloody-red skin and pointed smile.

Darneth -A creature of the Pits summoned years ago, Darneth does not appear to age. He does not speak of his early time on Layonara, but he appears to enjoy his current position as the face of the temple. He is as tall as a human with many human features. But his red skin, sharp pointed fangs, small wings and tail are obvious, and he is proud of them. If the Sanctus Mortis is present in the welcome chamber, he will drag out the agony of those who seek aid, knowing it pleases his master.

Forsaken Temple

Near Beirun on Mistone, the ruins of the former stronghold of The Grave Lord are considered ill luck to be near. The avatar, Arkanor Lightbane, once released a thick cloud of rotten gas over the surrounding countryside, choking those inside it and then raising them as unliving. A group of heroes managed to fight their way into the multi-leveled temple and destroyed his device, which was powering the cloud of gas.

The trapped soul of a heavenly creature, likely sent by Aeridin, from whom Arkanor was siphoning power came forth, sending the adventurers scrambling for the exits as it vowed to destroy the temple. All that remains now is an overgrown pile of rubble filling a deep pit that was the lower levels. Those with divine powers who stand near the site can feel the rumblings still riding the wind; a dark power warring to get a toehold against a strong and holy adversary.

Black Wizard's Tower

Where the northern Polar Ocean batters the shores of Belinara, bringing with it the sting of the White Desert of La'tah, stands a 10-story tower of rusty red stone. The tower is capable of fading and reappearing in other locations. No doors or windows are visible and no one is seen entering or exiting at any time. Local fishermen swear that on dark nights lights are visible even if there are no openings. One crabber was able to see from the beach a procession of blackrobed, bone-masked figures near the tower one evening. He watched from the lip of the dune he hid behind and described the proceedings thus:
"Thems jus walk'd round sum dirt, wavin' hands an' muttrin. Dirt got ta glowin. Sum critter bout long as mah boat an' wit claws anna tail. Twere lookin' round an' I hid fer a while. Then when I peep'd out, was all gone. Went right home I did. Don't throw traps there no more neither."

The association was made from his observations. However, as the tower shifts position frequently, it is hard to pin down for closer evaluation; though, it never enters the Great Forest and seems confined to the northern coast. Who controls it, how many Black Wizards are inside, and what their agenda on the wild coast of Belinara might be are unknown.

Temple to Corath on Mistone

If one were in the Ire Mountains of central Mistone, one might stumble upon a great many things. If one were near a tribe of the local gnolls for example, territorial and mercenary as they are, and one's back was to the stone wall of a mountainside, one might be tempted to run through the opening in the rock that feels a lot colder than the surrounding valley air. Inside, one could look around in stunned silence wondering who would build a stone and marble building inside the mountain. Why it must be dwarves excited to be saved from feather-edged death at the bows of the gnoll archers. Until one hears a scream rend the air, bubbling over with agony and fear, from deeper in the structure and sees masked figures with green-edged short swords moving in a slow, hypnotic sashay toward the entrance.

This temple is said to be the work of one woman, the Sanctus Stipatio of central Mistone. She is said to have had accomplices. Frightened and wracked with torment, a Novus once spit out her name as Moirana. Undoubtedly this is only one of many aliases she has used. The temple is rumored to be the largest on the continent and is regularly visited by the Sanctus Mortis. It is in this temple that the flame that connects Corath to Pyrtechon resides; said to be kept burning in a brazier side by side with a flame to Corath in front of the unholy alter.

Sanctus Stipatio "Moirana" - This tall, imposing woman is not often seen and never without a thick hood shadowing her face. Rumor has it that she is missing a finger. Her cunning evil is legendary. Some believe she might challenge the Sanctus Mortis for power; yet on this subject she has remained coy. She is solely dedicated to spreading the cankerous chaos that is Corath. This Sanctus Stipatio has a special way of bending truths and warping viewpoints to make them useful to the Os Inasnum and her own personal ambitions.