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Temples of Rofirein are a mixture of grand and humble affairs, often doubling as local courts and houses of justice. All temples maintain a library that holds documents of law and other books of factual interest, which are normally attended to by members of the Office of the Keeper. The largest place of law training for members of the faith is the Cathedral of Rofirein in Prantz. Once a magnificent edifice replete with the splendor and majesty of the law after the war in Prantz, it was reduced from its former glory and now is merely a Hall of Justice with court hearings and a law training facility. Larger temples outside Prantz are generally run by a high justiciar attended by a number of magistrars and protectors, servants of the Keepers office, and often serve as a temporary home for knights, marshals and other attendees of the faith.

The Golden Voice of Justice who dwells within the Cathedral of Rofirein is the leader of the Faith of Rofirein. Seen as the advisor on the will of Rofirein, his words of wisdom guide the faith as they journey through the times of gathering darkness. The high justiciar of a temple is often the oldest and wisest of clerics, rumored to be in frequent direct contact with the Lord Protector himself. The local protectors are attached to one temple or church at a time and oversee the day-to-day tasks. They will never move far from their temples, except in times of crisis.

This is in contrast to the protectors, marshals, and knights as they are mobile, traveling the length and breadth of Layonara to provide protection to those that cannot protect themselves. Bringing honor, justice, law, and order wherever they go. They are often turned to when wisdom or a non-biased opinion is needed, and some can operate in a judiciary role if required.

There is also a group of non-clergy; these lay followers of Rofirein are those who have not undergone the initiation into the clergy or paladinhood, and comprise all those employed for service by the temple itself. Stablehands, cooks, groundsmen, and the like some of which hope to serve Rofirein in a greater capacity someday.

Ruined Temple of Rofirein

In the year 1189, the Golden Voice of Justice signed a charter to create a new order of Rofireinite monks known as the Hands of the Golden Dragon. These men and women were mainly artisans and crafters that venerated Rofirein through great works of art, sculptures, beautiful script work, and designs. They studied the law and order in design and art and their creations were examples of their worship. Their works were highly sought after by all of the temples across the world dedicated to Rofirein as well as followers and adherents to the faith.

Their leader was formerly a Hammer of Dorand who had found the instructions of the Rofireinites more to his liking and taken up service with the faith. His wealth of knowledge and particular passion had drawn to him a following of those who shared in his ideas and loves.

When eventually the Golden Voice granted Jalur Grenaldus his charter, Jalur had already set about creating the ultimate gift of adoration to Rofirein. A beautiful temple was designed by him to be built in honor of the Lord Protector by him and his followers. Many of the Rofireinites never fully understood why Jalur chose the Wandering Dunes to build his temple. Some say it was his eccentric idea of how to try to bring order to a place that had none, that by building a temple to the Lord Protector it would magically prevent the desert from shifting anymore. A futile hope and one that was doomed from the start.

Other stories indicate that Jalur, regarded as somewhat of an eccentric zealot who had made a lot of money from his artworks, pestered the Golden Voice so much that he eventually gave him the charter and told him to build his temple in the shifting sands of the desert for all he cared. Alas, it seems Jalur took him literally.

Written records do not give much more information than these extracts supplied by the Rofirein Keepers Office in Prantz:
"On the receipt of the documents of charter, Jalur Grenaldus and his Hands of Rofirein turned their backs on those within the cathedral and left carrying many artworks and treasures to begin the long and arduous road of building a temple to the Lord Protector."

And further:
"This is the fifth demand in as many years from the leader of the Hands of Rofirein for even more funds for the building of what he terms is the greatest monument to the Lord Protector of the modern era. The Golden Voice newly elected to his position denied the request and declared that no more funds, supplies, or artisans were to be sent to the temple. It was considered too much of a drain on the cathedral's funds and the Dorandites had formerly requested that the builders, sculptures, and other artists and craftsmen they had sent to help with the construction be given leave to return to their own temples."

And finally:
"Those knights returned today after the Golden Voice sanctioned an expedition to discover what had become of the Hands of Rofirein after a raid on a cult to Pyrtechon in Audira discovered plans to destroy the Temple of Greater Glory that the Hands had been building for the last ten years. Their report was one of great sadness to the Golden Voice for they could not locate the temple nor any of those followers, craftsman, and their families that dwelt there."

That the structure was finished we know through people like Xora who describes the place as:
"Once a beautiful temple dedicated to Rofirein, you will find this temple far from what it was in its glory days. I believe it was corrupted by Bloodstone minions, but now it is likely occupied by somebody else, at least, for your sake, I hope. You will find the entrance to the temple in the Wandering Dunes beyond the Great Desert. But traveling the desert is no easy task."

The only other evidence that exists is rumors from desert tribesman who stumbled into a cave in the desert after a severe sandstorm that was filled with constructed creatures and terrifying undead. Perhaps the souls of the dead craftsman and followers of Jalur Grenaldus from so long ago?

One account worth mentioning is this from a desert wanderer:
"I came to this place, the sands were alive in the sky, the desert shifting, and I feared for my life. The armies of Blood were coming to the desert. I found a cave and hid within. Here, I found that it went back far and went deeper. I found it led into a chamber of such beauty I could not behold it. The floors were of polished white marble with pillars of obsidian to the golden etched roof. Around the nine pillars were magnificent solid gold dragons. I thought I had perhaps found what Blood's soldiers were searching for: a vast treasure chamber. I wandered through some more rooms each more wondrous than the last, then I saw the creatures. Creatures of iron and stone, I hid from them. Then, there was darkness and things within it that feed on the flesh of the living. I ran but I was lost. Finally, I came into a chamber that stole my breath from me in its beauty. In the middle was a huge statue of a dragon, and as I watched with my own eyes, tears of blood flowed from its eyes into a pool at its feet. I felt its sadness and I felt fear. Then I fled, I fled from that sad and lonely place."