Ridgecrest: Population

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Ridgecrest has a population that grows and shrinks due to seasonal changes. Though its primary source of business is from mining, processing of ores and related industries, there is also a thriving general trade economy. As a result, Ridgecrest maintains a modest permanent population that can swell to three times that number due to transient miners, traders and travelers depending on the time of year and other factors. Humans make up the bulk of the population, and the mining town also possesses a strong dwarven presence, which should not surprise anyone. As a result, the attitudes of the Council and the population in general are strongly influenced by these two cultures.

Though the halfling population tends to slightly outnumber the dwarves, most of the halflings in Ridgecrest tend to be more transient, with some notable exceptions being some establishments that cater specifically to halflings. Many of the permanent halfling residents are Deliarites, as are a fair number of the human residents. Dorand, Lucinda and Goran also have a visible presence, and the town maintains its link to Folian S'pae through the presence of ranger patrols in the surrounding landscape. It is also these patrols that are usually hired first when there is a need to enforce a policy or track down a criminal. There is a smattering of other religions as well which come and go depending on the population, though most simply pay homage to whomever they believe will help them when there is a moment of need. Only Deliar and Goran have any proper temples within Ridgecrest, and both are small and relatively simple by the usual standards. Shrines to Lucinda, Goran and Folian S'pae and Prunilla are the most prominent, with lesser monuments to Rofirein, Toran and Vorax being also present. If one looks hard enough...and knows what to look for...one might be able to spot shrines to Branderback, Shadon, Sulterio and Xeen.

Elves are very rare in Ridgecrest, and they frequently come into conflict with the humans and dwarves, particularly the latter, for what they view as over-mining and depleting the land of its resources. While actual physical hostility between the races is not a common occurrence, there have been instances of bloodshed, particularly after the consumption of too much ale by one party or the other.