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Captain Edmund Lan Du'Morey escapes or is let go from a prison in what is now Vehl. He flees with his cargo of slaves to establish a fishing port and town to house his ship crew. Edmund Lan du'Morey claims to have had a divinely inspired vision of the sun rising over Mount Tarax with him standing to accept the crown of the mountain.

-1 BC to 3
The catastrophic event known as the Great Cataclysm rocks all of Layonara. The crevices that mark the central forest extend northwest into land that will someday come under Sun's control. Large and steep cliffs are formed on the northwestern shores as land fractures into the Wyrmling Sound. Edmund's vessel, the Hapton Dragon, begins to scavange the known world for noble survivors and precious antiquities.

Edmund Lan Du Morey names himself the Sun King and proclaims rule over the lands surrounding Lan's Port and Mount Tarax. He begins work on the Sun Castle with the slaves garnered in his continued piracy of the Dragon Straits and seas of Layonara.

Edmund Lan Du'Morey, founder of Sun Kingdom, dies. The heir chosen by the Keife is Armante Lan Du Morey. The tie he had to Edmund is unclear in terms of how most view family ties. When Edmund died he left behind many surviving children and indeed grandchildren. Some of these individuals were the result of pairings with exotic mates brought from other regions while others were a result of the more inward focus of family inheritances. It is from all of these first lines that the major Kiefes were formed but Edmund in his Jounal du Keife set forth that only the purest of the Bhareau would wear the Sun crown. It is known that the Keife Council decreed Armante to be the purest of the Bhareau line as set forth by Edmund. Armante was immediately wed to his progenitor's surviving wives to continue Edmund's vision.

Violent storms rock all of northern Alindor. The high cliffs and narrow inlets of Sun help to protect it from most of the heavier damage. Still, a full thirty percent of the merchant fishing fleet is lost in the storms as are three large naval vessels. Blame for the storm is placed on a conflict between the Tides of the West and the Southwest. The Western Tide at the time is a Natim woman by name of Cerisay. Tides of Mist lose their surnames upon elevation to the position. Cerisay was not the first Tide of Sun birth, and all Sun Tides have been of the Natim family.

140 - 300
Human-elf wars come to Sun Kingdom. Elves of the Wolfswood are mercilessly hunted down and persecuted when they are found within the kingdom. The crown takes control of all elven lands and clear cuts large tracts of forest for the continued construction of Sun castle. Large open pit mines are also dug in the areas that once were forested to reclaim the wonderful white stone found along the edges of the Wolfswood crevasses. From this point onward, elves are poorly tolerated within the borders of Sun. Any of elven heritage risk stoning as an affront to the racial sensibilities of the Sunese people.

Large tracts of forest in River and Horse Liege are burned to the ground in the great Wolfswood Fires. Some blame human elitist factions for attempting to burn out those elves remaining in the forest while other evidence points to the fire possibly being natural in origin.

The direct line to Lan Du Morey ends when the Keife name Arian to succeed King Priam.

King Arian and Queen Emily begin their reign as Sun King and Queen

The Liege system of government is adopted by decree of King Arian

Rhianna of Erilyn marries Ewardo du Monre and they establish the Liege of Seashells.

The Crown Wars begin. Dwarven clans refuse to pay ever increasing tribute to the human nobility that claims dominion over their mountain lands. Small skirmishes turn into full scale war over the course of twenty increasingly violent years. The steppe tribes, their Bhewak overlords, the Sob'ety and R'visred made sure the war was a victory for the Sunese. Many of the dwarven clans were wiped out or displaced to Bloody Gate, into the Crest Hills, or off the continent altogether. The ragtag bunch that do remain are outlaws within the state. Known as the Firstsmiths, these renegades exist on the fringes of society and Sunese Law.

Sun snubs the court of Andrios Diamoniar when he takes an Erilyn bride over the Sunese perfection offered to him. Lady Breighanne Starever marries the Emperor in the most extravagant wedding the peerage had ever seen to that point in history. This marked a trend in extravagant weddings that lasted for several centuries. It would be some time before Sun's ruffled feathers were smoothed and the rate of lost cargos coming off the Dregar coast increased until the Sunese princess Cayma was wed to a Diamoniar heir.

Storm surges again rise without mercy on the northern coastlines of Alindor. This time the surges seem to have risen from a spot central to the Dragon Isles. Nicknamed the Deadly Claw, this massive series of waves devastates the coastal communities.

Queen Elsbeth sends two shiploads of Sun wheat, ale, salt fish and three hundred indentured workers to the City of Gold as aid after the dark elf raids. She graciously accepts any humans who wish to seek refuge in peaceful Sun country.

Milara arrives in Alindor. The dark elf is snubbed by the courts of Sun. Soon after, what is known as The Master's Scream kills the most prominent members of all the different Keife, save one, the R'visred. Milara is given audience with the newly crowned Queen Stalea shortly after.

Assassination of Queen Stalea by dark elves.

Milara changes the name of Alindor to Rilara

The Bordraix family of River Liege and the shiretown of Grep were accused of harboring and indeed propagating undead for undisclosed purposes. The strange blanket of negative energy that isolated the Erilyn Barony of Elmspath for close to three years was traced to three warrens of vampiric humanoids existing within the estates of two of River Lieges most prominent families, the Bordraix and the lesser Du'Monres of the region (not to be confused with the royal lineage). The lesser Du'Monres were expunged from the land as were the Bordraix that could be found as a result of pressures from not only within the Sun courts but externally from Erilyn, Taur'en and several other Sun trading partners. The two estates were turned over to the Toranite temple for a period of twenty-five years.

The Diamoniar emperor is assassinated. Sun offers refuge to several of the emperor's court that carry Sunese bloodlines. Some of these humans also have traces of the Diamoniar line through some well placed marriages to lower family members in the late 800's.

Slaughter of Erilyn occurs. Among the dead on the Plains of the Slain are three hundred warriors, aparently of the Behwak, with the seashell standard on their shields. Sun claims no knowledge of their presence in post-battle questioning by Milara's agents. Within a month of the battle the Gilsinte family that had ruled the Liege were replaced in power by Sugeniste family. The purest lines of the Gilsinte were demoted in status while the rest of the family disappeared from public record.

The town of Stone is utterly destroyed in an attack by Milara's forces for unknown reasons. The temple to Beryl completely collapses in the attack, as if Beryl herself were the target. Many of the Dragon Called fought in the losing battle to save the town. The Sunese forces gathered to protect the Castle, but did little to aid the gnomes. They did offer refuge to any human miners that made it to the castle.

The Dragon Called mount an attempt to retake the ground that once was the town of Stone. Their valiant efforts serve to rescue a group of Berylite gnomes trapped in the ruins of the temple, but the lack of a plan for holding the ground meant that Bloodstone's troops easily regained the lost position once reinforcements were acquired.

It is rumored that Milara is confronted by a strong band of adventurers in his mountain stronghold. At the same time the scorpion constellation disappears from the night sky.

Darkness fills the skies. Crops wither on the vine. Farmers have a hard time keeping family and livestock fed. The bounty of the oceans seems to be less affected though the chill in the air eventually cools the waters as well. Ice fields on the South Polar Sea expand even in that first winter. Ice is seen in Wyrmling Sound and the Scaled Strait.

The grasp of Milara seems to weaken. The name Alindor is whispered freely once again.

The Keife convene to choose a new monarch. This is highly irregular given that the current King Yosef is very much alive, well and with three legitimate heirs. After a full year of deliberation they emerge to announce that Sun will be lead by Cynthia Wheaton. The nobility is not pleased but can do little to go against the word of the Keife. Cynthia Wheaton looks like Sunese nobility, as she has the definite and true markings of the Bhareau. Where exactly she came from is only speculation at this point. She is well versed in Sunese law, tradition, cultures and even the rarely used language of the court. Talks are underway to begin unions with other major houses across Layonara. Upon taking the crown of Sun, the queen adopted the surname Sun and left the one of Wheaton behind.

Darkness covers the Mountains of Madness. It is rumored to be the result of an agreement made with Milara.