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Also known as Traitors to the surface dwarves, the Deep Dwarves are one of the more commonly known Deep dwelling races. They have lived in the Deep for a few thousand years after the various Dwarven nations split up during the race wars. Finding their way into the Deep, their goal is now to dominate the riches in metals and gems found deep in the Deep. They couldn't care less about the surface with its glaring sun, and do not raid surface settlements often, unlike the Dark Elves. They do raid other dwarven settlements however. The Deep Dwarves will even temporarily ally themselves with other races to bring a blow to their (former) brethren.

They live in cities hewn out of the bedrock of the Deep. Like other dwarven nations, the Deep Dwarves live in clans to which they're very loyal. Leadership of a clan is hereditary.

Deep Dwarves hate other Dwarves and are distrustful of other races, and to a lesser extent also of other clans. However, when threatened, the clans will put aside their differences and will band together against their enemies. They are known as a devious, greedy people that excel in mining, blacksmithing, and battle. However, they're not as jolly as other dwarvish people. Trade with other races, be it in weapons, armor or slaves, happens, as long as they'll make a healthy profit.

Deep Dwarves are distasteful of arcane magic users and therefore have none. However, rumors of magic involving runes exist.

Physical Description:
Deep Dwarves look a lot like other dwarves; however, they are immensely ugly. They're also a lot less hairy. Females don't have any facial hair, and most males are bald. Their hair color varies from dark to gray. Deep Dwarf females are a proud lot, but hardly ever show themselves since they are not fighters. This, together with the intense ugliness has given birth to the rumor that there are only males among the Deep Dwarves, who are hewn directly from the rock.

Deep Dwarf garments are bland; they often dress in clothes with a grayish hue, which allows them to blend into the rocks. They hardly ever wear jewelry, as a reflection of light on a gem might give away one's location while raiding. If they do wear jewelry, it is usually blackened out or covered. Their time in the Deep has also given them some abilities that the other dwarven people do not have.

Relations with other races:
Deep Dwarves are loathed by nearly every race on Layonara. However, they do often ally themselves with other races if it serves their evil purpose. Temporary alliances with the Dark Elves are not unheard of, as long as both sides continue to benefit from the arrangement.

The vast majority is evil. Those of other alignments are often cast out of the Deep Dwarf communities.

All PC Deep Dwarves must be submitted as one of the following alignments: Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil. The lone exception to this rule is if a Deep Dwarf is submitted as a cleric of Az'atta, in which case they may submit with a Good alignment.

Most Deep Dwarves worship Sulterio. Those involved in blacksmithing also worship Dorand.


  • Common
  • Deep Dwarven
  • Dwarven
  • Dark Elven

Note: Player character Deep Dwarves do not receive the ability to be fluent in the Dark Elven language unless it is clearly defined in the submissions biography. They must also have a minimum Intelligence of twelve (12) to be fluent in an additional language.

Deep Dwarf names do not vary much from other dwarven names. Their surname is usually the name of their clan.

Deep Dwarves do not go to the surface willingly. If they do, they're either forced or exiled. The glare of the sun pains their eyes and they usually want to avoid it. Those that do find themselves on the surface tend to adapt as much as possible after a long period of discomfort and end up in the mercenary trade.


  • Deep dwarf is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information.
  • Use the Dwarf NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • duergar
    • Duergar
    • graydwarf
    • Graydwarf
    • GrayDwarf
  • Racial Qualities: