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Table of Contents


Requirements To Play

Q: How do I connect to the server?
A: The most recent info on IP's and passwords will be provided to you once your character is submitted and approved.

Q: It tells me I am missing a file?
A: Be sure to download all the required files found in "Latest Files" and UnRAR them in the appropriate directory as instructed.

Q: I cannot find the server, is it down?
A: Click on "Server Status" on the top right hand side of the forums. If you see nobody on, it could be down. If you see people logged on, it's not.

Q: When will it be up?
A: There is a thread in the forums called "Post here if the server needs to be restarted" (trouble finding it? Use the Forum's search function and search for "server restart"

Q: You have 5 servers. What server do I start on?
A: When starting out for the first time, you will start on the West server. Later, you will start in the area on the server your character last rested on. The server also saves automatically at regular intervals (so that might be when you're in the middle of a fight!)

Q: So I should use the rest button before I log out?
A: Correct. It also saves on unsuccessful rests.

Q: What do I need to play?
A: You need Neverwinter Nights, and its two expansion packs: Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark.

Q: Do I need the Community Expansion Pack?
A: No, Layonara Online does not utilize the CEP, use of custom CEP heads and other similar CEP things is at your own risk, you might end up with a headless character in game.

Starting Out

Q: How do I start?
A: Before you can play on Layonara you need to submit a character for approval in the "Character Submission" forum. This forum also contains instructions and information on how to submit.

Q: How long does it take to get to get it approved?
A: Times may vary, but generally a first review is given within 24 hours, depending on team availability.

Q: Once it is approved, do I need to wait for my character to be moved to the "Character Approvals" thread?
A: No, as soon as it has been approved you can go ahead and log in and create your character on the server. Do not create your character before it is approved.

Q: I made my character on my computer but it doesn't show when I log in!!!
A: That's because you need to create your character on the server. It is also stored on the server.

Q: How do I create my character?
A: In the same way as you did in the regular campaigns of Neverwinter Nights

Q: I don't want my character to be any of the standard races, do you have subraces?
A: We have several, you can find them in the "Races of Layonara" thread on the forums. You can also find them in the handbook. To select a subrace, you first click on the Race the subrace belongs too (e.g. Elf for Dark Elf), then click on Subrace and then type the subrace name exactly as it is written in the appropriate "Races of Layonara" thread (so for example darkelf). Else it will not work.

Q: I want my character to worship a deity, can I?
A: Of course. See the "Deities of Layonara" thread on the forums, or click on "Deities" in the top right hand corner of the forums and choose the "More..." links there for more info. You can also look in the handbook. You can then enter the deity you want in the deity field. Mind your spelling of the deity's name, as for clerics, summons are based on deity. If you type it wrong, it will not work.

Q: If I am creating my character with a subrace, do the stat changes already show during creation?
A: No. The stat changes mentioned for subraces are added AFTER you log in, so please consider this when creating. The Effective Stat Adjustment (ESA) that is mentioned for every subrace is the effective change of your stats compared to a normal human.

Q: Do these extra subrace stats count for prerequirements for feats and spells?
A: No they do not. Example: if you create a forest gnome (ESA +2 dex, -2 CON) with a DEX of 11, it will be a DEX of 13 in Layonara, but you will NOT be able to take the dodge feat, as the game still sees your DEX as 11.

Q: I am new to roleplaying, is there some kind of guide with hints and tips?
A: I you click on 'Players' at the top right hand corner of the forums, you will find a "Roleplayer's Guide to NWN' this should tell you a lot about online roleplaying.

Q: Are there feats that are either forbidden or have less uses in Layonara?
A: Yes there are:

The Strength requirement from devastating critical was raised to 30.

The feats "Craft Wand", "Scribe scroll", and "Brew Potion" are not in use here though the mechanics will still allow you to take them.

Layonara has a crafting system (CNR) which will allow you to craft wands, scribe scrolls, and brew potions, see the Layonara Campaign Handbook (download in the Latest Files section) for details.

The "Disarm" feat is also not useful on an online server as the monsters are not disarmable.

Q: Are there skills that are either forbidden or have less uses in Layonara?
A: Yes there are:

The skills that have little usage are the craft armor/arms skills. These can only be used for customization of the appearances of gear. If you don't find that useful enough to spend points on, there are other people who can do it for you. For a price of course.

The dialogue skills, such as Intimidate, Diplomacy, etc are RP only skills at the moment. But as always, being a roleplay server, taking one can help out on many quests that involve interactions with other NPCs.

Pickpocketing players is forbidden, but it can be used on NPCs on GM run events, so it might be worth putting points in.

Appraise works off a modified system that also involves Intelligence and Charisma, so it has its uses when buying things from Merchants.


Q: When can I use someone's name?
A: As soon as that person has introduced himself or somebody else introduces him/her. Remember that although pressing the "Tab" key makes people's names show up that that is purely something for you to recognize other people (in RL you'd recognize somebody's build and face but that doesn't work in NWN). Characters do not have large neon-signs above their heads showing their names. Same applies to monsters, they don't have neon signs above them either so don't assume that if a monster is called "Red light goblin" and it is used on a quest and you are on Alindor that is is an escaped red light goblin.

Q: What does Out Of Character or OOC mean?
A: Out of Character, abbreviated as OOC, means any conversation or text that is made that is not related to you roleplaying your character. OOC talk is usually preceded by // or ((, for example, if you need to go pick up the phone, you can type: //afk phone. It is general practice to keep OOC to a minimum, or restrict it to "tells" in game to not disturb other people's RP experience. So, needing to leave your computer to pick up the phone is a good reason to use OOC. Discussing the specs of your new computer is not.

Q: What are those five communication ways in NWN again?
A: There's the normal 'talk', the 'Tell', the 'Party Chat', the 'Whisper' and the 'DM channel'. You can choose between these in the lower left hand corner (above your quick bar).

Q: What are Tells?
A: Tells are in-game messages you send to another prayer which can only be read by that player. They show up in green text. You can send a tell by typing: /tp "log-in-name-of-player-you-want-to-send-a-tell" type your message here OR /t "character-name-of-the-character-you-want-to-send-a-tell" type your message here You can also send a Tell by clicking on somebody's small picture.

Q: What is Party Chat?
A: Party Chat is one of the other forms of communication in NWN. Everything your character says in the party chat channel is seen by all characters in your party. However, please bear in mind that if one party member is in another area, you should RP that he/she did not hear it as he/she is too far away. Please do not try to circumvent this by, for example, talking into a walkie-talkie-stone. Party chat can be seen by all players in your party, as well as by all GMs that are online. Party chat should be in-character talk, so please refrain from OOC talk.

Q: What is the DM channel?
A: You can send messages into the DM channel if you wish to send a message to a DM. You will not see the message when you send it, however, all DMs that are online will. You can either select DM from the five types and send your message, or type: /dm type your message here.

Q: What are whispers?
A: Whispers are basically the same as talk but with less range. Only the people within a few feet near you will be able to hear.

Q: What are shouts?
A: Shouts are messages that can be heard by everyone that is logged on. The Shout channel is for GM use only (for example to inform everyone about a server restart or a quest that is about to start). Players should not use it.

Q: What are Private Messages (PM's)?
A: PMs are generally considered Private Messages sent on the forums.


Q: Does Full PVP mean that I can kill my party member?
A: There are two answers to this question. The first being you are not allowed to intentionally kill another character. The second being that with Full PVP it is possible for you to kill a part member while under the effects of confusion or with an Area of Effect (AOE) Spell such as fireball. So take care with using AOE spells.

Q: Do I have to manually save my character or is this done for me?
A: Your character is saved on our local servervault which is maintained by our GM Team. The only thing that you need to do to save your character is rest. Upon resting your character will be saved at that location along with all of his/her contents. Note: even if your rest-timer is not down to zero yet, your character is saved when pressing the rest key.

Alternatively, you start with an item called 'Orb of Remembrance' using this item will also save your character.

Q: How often should I rest?
A: It is good practice that at any time that you take money out of the bank, successfully craft something, get a DM quest reward or get a new item on your character you should rest to save that/those items.

Q: After resting, I first heal all the way up to full health, then I get damaged! What's up with that?
A: When you rest you heal up a certain number of HP, which is your level, plus your CON bonus times your level. So if you're a lvl 10 with 0 CON bonus you heal 10 points. If you're level 10 with a CON bonus of 2, you heal 10 (from your level) plus 20 (2 times CON times 10) equals 30 hitpoints.

However, NWN is made to rest you up to full hitpoints, it cannot stop, so that's why you are damaged for the amount you healed too much. So if you had 50 points of damage, and your level 10 character with 2 CON bonus rests, you'll heal to full health and get damaged for 20 points, making your net-rest result 30 healed hitpoints.

Q: Upon a Server Reset will my grave still be there?
A: Yes, the graves are saved on our persistent system and are not erased upon a server reset.

Q: How does the death system work?
A: Please refer to the detailed outline of the death system in the "Layonara Server" section of the forums.

Q: What is a Soul Strand?
A: Soul Strands are something insubstantial, but anchor your soul to the mortal plane. After losing your 10th Soul Strand you are permanently dead, and your soul has passed on. Starting from level 4, if your character dies, you have a 1% x your level chance for a Soul Strand to be cut (so a 4% chance at level 4, a 20% chance at lvl 20). These were formerly known as Death Tokens (DTs).

Q: Can I lose levels?
A: You don't lose XP on death. However, you can lose XP using soulstones or casting raise dead or resurrection. Imprinting a soulstone costs 100XP, casting a raise dead/resurrection on somebody who does not have a soulstone costs (5,000/10,000 XP loss)

Q: What is a Gem of Remembrance?
A: You get this after passing through the statue when coming from the Dragon Dream. It is in your inventory and several scripts are triggered on your logging in if you have it in your inventory. It will also prevent your items from being stripped from you when passing through the statue on Memory Lane again should you ever find yourself again.

Q: Do I have to eat and drink?
A: Yes. If you do not, your saving throws will get lower and lower and your attack bonus will go down. You will not die however. You buy water canteens at the general merchants and fill them in wells. You can buy food in inns.

Your Character, your Emote Wand and your Dicebag

Q: What's an Emote Wand?
A: The Emote Wand is an item in your inventory.

Q: What can I do with the Emote Wand?
A: If you use it, you can make your character do various animated things, like sitting, reading, meditating, worshipping, conjuring etcetera. This provides you a lot more options to RP instead of just playing your character standing up.

Q: What's a Dicebag?
A: The PC Dicebag is an item in your inventory.

Q: What can I do with the Dicebag?
A: You will need it to for example roll skill checks, ability checks, saves or just dice, just like in PnP games really. The first 5 options allow you to roll a certain dice, like a d4 or d20. Option 6, allows you to roll an ability check/save (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma, Fortitude save, Reflex save, will save). Options 7-9 allow you to roll a skill check.

Q: Why should I need to roll for anything?
A: On DM run events, you character will often get requests from the DM to, for example, roll a Spot check. You then use the dicebag, select the appropriate option, in this example, the spot check. The skill you have in Spot will be added to what you roll, so if you have a ranger with a Spot skill of 9, and you roll a 13, your total will be 22. If this 22 then beats the difficulty the DM has set for it, the DM will let you know what exactly it is that you have spotted. Feel free to practice with the dice bag a bit, so you know what to do in the event that you join a DM run quest.