Rael Kingdom: Timeline

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The timeline for the area that is now the Rael Kingdom goes back to almost as far as the Great Cataclysm.

Amiss, a coastal town on the southern tip of Dregar, is settled by fishermen and farmers.

A fortress is built by the farmers of Amiss as a fallback position against the dangers of the southern lands. It is called Castle Mask.

Ground is broken by the merchant prince Tomas Crousian, cousin to the Virvatule family of Morholt, for a magnificent city north of Amiss intended to be a mercantile center on Dregar in the Crousain name. The name Prantz is chosen after Tomas' beloved maternal grandmother's maiden name, Pran'tis.

Scandal rocks the Crousain family. Their fortune is lost when it is discovered they are double dealing and undercutting both the Virvatules and the Rostes in an attempt to direct trade away from the allied duchies. The walls and foundation of the city are left to the elements as now-unpaid workers return to their homes.

Amiss is burned to the ground and the southerners scatter in the wake of the dark elf atrocities.

The race war between humans and elves peaks. Castle Mask, besieged by elves both dark and light, sends a request to the current Jnaar of Sedera, hoping to gain his realm's aid in the struggle to deny elves so much as a spot of land on Dregar.

Rangley reaches a population sufficient to warrant a name.

Castle Mask receives a reply from the newest Jnaar of Sedera, denying aid to the kingdom in its battle for expansion with the elves. History writes that this reply was quickly balled up in anger and thrown into the southern sea where it washed back to shore three consecutive times before a fledgling mage was commissioned to destroy it by magical means. This mage was granted a barony for his efforts. The castle falls to disrepair after a final dark elf attack.

Seawatch Fort is built as a safe harbor against pirates and a central location for fishermen to bring in their catch.

The first king of the Southern Lands, King Anede Santana, takes residence in Seawatch Fort and begins to set law.

A group of elven druids, working loosely together to ensure forest health in the aftermath of the Cataclysm and in the face of human expansion, form Oakhurst as a central meeting point and hiding place during the race wars.

The fortress now named Fort Love was built by King Santana and used as an advance outpost against the elves and threats from the northeast.

Navy Captain Abish Kilm of the Seawatch Fort comes across the partially built Prantz on his way home from a trip to Sedera. Upon his return, he puts forth the request to make the city bones into an advance post for the Fort, and his idea is accepted. Construction begins again a year later.

Despite a dwarven boycott and racial bickering now on two fronts, the once abandoned walls of Prantz are now mostly completed. Looking more like a military fort than a city, it is a solid anchor in the human war for expansion.

After much struggle and attrition both on the citizenry and the standing armies, the last of the known elven presence is purged from central Dregar as the race wars conclude. Any elves left are in hiding deep in the Forest of Fog. A company of horsemen from Prantz ride south that year, assailed by poor roads and bandits, only the Galeright twins, Jeoffry and Stephanie, make it to the southern tip of Dregar.

Reconstruction begins on Prantz for a third time, tearing down fortifications and making room for human occupation. The thick walls are left for protection as well as the central castle and the turrets around the walls.

Jeoffry and Stephanie unite most of the scattered Dregarians and with their help begin to rebuild the port town of Amiss. It is renamed Lor in honor of the Galeright twins' father.

Those landowners and interested bourgeois who put up funds for the building of Prantz announce themselves as the first council.

Reconstruction of Prantz finishes'significantly different than Tomas' original vision. Dedicating the city as a free market haven, the council opens the gates to all. People flock to what is undoubtedly one of the most fortified cities on Layonara. Commerce and people flow in and out of Prantz like the tides, and its coffers begin to bulge with coin and mercantile goods.

Castle Mask is rebuilt as a fortification for Lor.

King Evestial Santana, fourth king of the Southern Lands, moves his residence from Seawatch to Prantz and makes Prantz the capital city of his realm.

Raklin Diamoniar arrives on Dregar. With help from some very powerful friends with illustrious names as Karrak, Rainstorff, Eon, Katia, and Serenity, he defeats his tyrant half-brother and assumes the title of emperor, making the city the capital of his domain. The city and all of Dregar prosper greatly from his leadership. This ushers in a “golden age� for Prantz, lasting well over five hundred years.

Farmers to the west of Prantz begin to identify themselves as Gladers. The agricultural community supplying the capital city of Dregar is named Heather's Glade after the beloved wife of the first family to farm that land.

The current Emperor Diamoniar commissions the gigantic military fort (that is now called Fort Rael), complete with extensive quarters for the royal family and entourage. That same year a town slowly forms outside the walls to provide support in the form of food, weapons, construction materials, and other goods. It is named Blackwind.

Vale is founded by human rangers associated with Oakhurst but unwelcome there. Although Katia and Folian are the primary deities worshipped in both communities, they do not intermingle as elven memories are long and the human-elf wars still echo in the minds of the fey-descended defenders of the forest.

Sierra, playground for the rich and personal retreat for the emperors and their families, is founded and named after a favorite cat of the emperor's oldest daughter.

Ground is broken near the verdant fields of Heather's Glade for a community of wealthier citizens. The area is named after the body of water it surrounds, Haft Lake.

1123The Diamoniar line is overthrown when the emperor is murdered in Deadman's Pass. Civil war breaks out across Dregar as Prantz plunges rapidly into chaos. The city nearly tears itself to pieces as crime and vice rule the streets. Lor and Castle Mask swell with refugees.

Outside influence from the other kingdoms start to insinuate themselves into the struggle for control over Prantz and lordship over Dregar. This draws out the internal conflict, increasing the burden upon the citizenry for decades to come.

Open conflicts wind down, while internal power struggles continue on as heated as ever. It is at this time that true organized crime takes hold of the city. It is also rumored that a hidden underground temple to the Black Hound is constructed.

After much internal strife, a victor arises from the chaos. Young Ethan Waylend, a cousin to the Diamoniar line, rises up to announce his kingship and dominion over the city and continent. Citizens rejoice at the news as stability slowly starts to return into their lives and efforts begin to help restore some of the former glory to the once prestigious walls of the city.

Raylynn is founded as a private retreat for the Zharim family, named for the only daughter of the merchant lord Lantar Zharim.

Clover is founded as a lumbering community. Almost immediately there is tension with the druids and rangers of the Forest of Fog.

The frontier town of Orc's Watch gets a name and a reputation as a rough place to visit.

Sinthar Bloodstone returns to the world with a massive invasion. The Prantz Guard answers with a large commitment of forces. A call for arms is raised, and the people brace themselves for another long and bitter conflict.

The first and only full-fledged temple to Prunilla is built adjacent to Castle Mask.

Fort Hold is built to house a large segment of the army and to help stave off invasions from the north.

Due to immense corruption in the standing guard of Prantz, the Prantz Officer Army Corps is formed in an attempt lend discipline and order to its ranks.

Desperation mounts. The current King Waylend calls for the on-the-spot execution of all proven spies against the continent of Dregar.

A large number of orcs mass near Orc's Watch, apparently holding the area for the army of Blood's General Khain marching down from Audira. Weeks later, King Waylend sends an army of Prantz soldiers to defend Deadman's Pass, headed by a dwarven battle priest and aided by other dwarven war parties.

King Waylend calls for outside help on a continent-wide rat problem. Adventurers in conjunction with the Church of Aragen and the king's leading mage unravel the problem as the foreshadowing of Blood's General Drezneb. At the same time, Rhizome, who would later become Hierophant of Layonara, finds evidence from increased treant attacks and natural unrest around Rael and Dregar that an unsavory force is in motion. This is later discovered to be Blood's General Eon, the same mage who helped put Raklin Diamoniar on the throne. In a bitter twist, some of the treants have brought an infection from Belinara that forces King Waylend to quarantine people and again call for help. The result of an investigation leads a group of heroes to make a bargain with Eon for the cure.

Orc's Watch is burned to the foundations by fiery dwarven figures and fire elementals. No reason is given, and most of the town is lost. Rebuilding begins the next year.

The Prantz Officer Army Corps begins openly recruiting outside of the city. Handfuls of adventurers heed the call.

A group of Ilsare worshippers claim an ancient fort along the west coast, using the local name of Dektis, and transform it into an artist commune.

A sudden illness brings the death of King Waylend, and the battle for succession begins. Prantz and the world fall into a depression of mourning.

The war against Blood ends. During the final battles, Prantz is taken by Lord Rael, under Blood's orders, in one of the largest sieges in history. The temple of Toran is damaged in the fighting, along with a good deal of the city. After this, Lord Rael outlaws public magic and purges the city of all known religious shrines and temples. The city begins to rebuild, and merchants are encouraged and protected by Lord Rael and the large number of Deep dwarf guards that patrol the streets.

The first edicts are passed down by the new administration of the city. Laws are kept short and direct. Punishment is imprisonment for a time to be determined by Lord Rael'up to and including life. After having survived such tumultuous times, the citizens adapt to the emphasis upon law and order but public opinion is still ugly. The wealthy in Sierra are told to clean out their homes and leave the town unscathed but empty for Lord Rael's administration. Later that year, the already damaged temple of Toran is destroyed by insurgents for reasons unknown. The empty site of this once-great edifice becomes the target of daily visits by the Deep dwarf guards.

Lord Rael declares the lands around Prantz from the tip of the continent to the edge of the desert and the edge of Succession his territory and names the area Rael Kingdom. Anvil is founded as a temporary barracks for the Deep dwarf troops and mining of the hills commences for weapons-grade ore, attracting both Deep dwarves and some gnomes.

The first attempt at overthrowing Lord Rael and restoring the throne to the old regime ends in failure. Lord Rael shows mercy and overturns the execution order of several prominent people. Rather, he bans them from entering the city. They are told if they return, they will be put to death. Public opinion of the ruler is given a small boost.

Several small farming communities combine under the banner of Golden for protection and to maximize profit. A town council is elected.

Raylynn expands as many displaced merchant lords and Prantz citizens who formerly held power gather to discuss rebellion.

Barvanth Hiramun III, The Golden Voice of Justice, recognizes Lord Rael as the ruler of Prantz. Shockwaves reverberate through Rofireinites throughout Layonara. The citadel of Rofirein is converted to a courthouse and the Rofireinites begin to process all legal matters for the Deep Lord under the Voices of Justice. Public opinion ticks upward for the Deep dwarf ruler.

Construction begins on the spot where the temple to Toran once stood.

Religion returns to Prantz when the new temple to Sulterio is opened over the old spot occupied by Toran's temple. The worship of the Adamantium One is strongly encouraged and becomes the official religion of both Prantz and the realm of Rael. Most of the remaining surface dwarves leave the realm.