Slavery In Layonara

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Slavery exists in the world of Layonara - as does the slave trade, where sentient beings are bought and sold and serve for life without any chance of freedom other than escape or the largesse of their owners.

While the details and laws pertaining to slavery vary from place to place, here is a list of the locations where slavery is explicitly legal, where it is absolutely illegal, and the locations where, for whatever reason, it's a bit of a grey area:

Slavery is legal in:

  • Kuhl Kingdom
  • Morholt
  • Nesar
  • Sagewald Kingdom (though it is frowned upon, socially)
  • Sun Kingdom (but only for non-human slaves)
  • The Deep (for the most part)

There are no laws regarding slavery one way or another, or they are unenforced, in:

Slavery is illegal in:

The law of the land notwithstanding, the profit margin for slavery is such that slavers will take captives anywhere that they can expect to get away with it. These captives are usually transported to and sold in those locales where slavery is legal or tolerated.

In addition, various monstrous races regularly take and keep slaves, either for their own benefit or to sell to slave markets or middlemen. Orcs, gnolls, goblins, giants, ogres and other tribal creatures often take slaves during their raids. Fae or intelligent undead may take slaves if it strikes their fancy or if they have a particular use for them.

The average commoner, regardless of where they live, generally has no real opinion on slavery provided it doesn't impact them directly - they have a hard enough time just making do.

It should also be noted that even in those places where slavery is illegal, indentured servants are commonplace.