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It is commonly believed among most races that the first dragons arrived on Layonara a million or perhaps millions of years ago but this is the first "known" document to be found. Perhaps other civilizations existed but none are known to exist before this time.

A great war breaks out between dragons and presumably Dragon Gods. It changes the shape of the world.

The first Dragon Purge occurred. It is thought that 50 percent of all dragons perished.

Speculation is that the first non-dragon races started to appear. Many believe that the dragons and Dragon Gods created these races.

The second Dragon Purge occurred. It is thought that nearly 75 percent of all dragons perished.

The first documented war between races breaks out and rages for years. The elves divide into the factions of today; Dark, Wood, High, and Aquatic.

A war rages through the dwarven nations and they divide into the factions of today; Deep, Hill, and Mountain.

The first documented war began between the known races. Humans, dwarves, and elves united in order to defeat a massive invasion of giants, ogres, orcs, gnolls, and kobolds.

The first documented war between dwarves and elves occurred.

The great Dragon War began. Dragons of evil fight to destroy all of humanoid kind. At this time there were very few good Dragons known to exist. The evil dragons are very nearly successful during this war until about 825 when Sinthar Bloodstone began to wage his own war.

Sinthar Bloodstone is banished from the world by the Council of Seven. He is banished so that the Dragon War will end and that is part of the requirements by the evil dragons. Upon his banishment he swears vengeance upon the world, including all man-kind.

The Dragon Gods are rumored to have departed from the World in this year. It is rumored that two Dragon Gods remain with influence but they no longer have dominance.

A key Elven Forest and Plant are destroyed during a war with orcs. It is rumored that the elves are now traveling the pits in order to replace this plant. Little else is known. This is also the year part of an Elven library is lost at sea.

Dark elves stage their first major attack on humans that live "topside". They held the city of Westgate for over a decade before being defeated.

All across the world major volcanic eruptions begin to occur. The world begins to see major weather and climatic changes.

The Great Cataclysm occurs. The world geography is greatly changed, islands disappear and continents reshape. Historians to this day are trying to discover how and why this happened.

All races begin to rebuild and assess the damage of their losses. Depression hits and riots begin.

The losses due to the cataclysm are released. Around the world it is rumored that the losses are over 5,000,000 Platinum. Riots and the depression continue. Race Wars begin around the world.

Riots are finally brought under control but depression continues. The Race Wars continue in full force.

The depression begins to turn around and lives are beginning to return to normal. The Race Wars end after ten years.

The depression ends and some cities are finally rebuilt.

The Great Oak is threatened by some disease but elves save it just in time. It is rumored that dozens of elves gave up their life to save the tree.

A few cities return to their previous glory. Great armies are beginning to be built again after being decimated during the Race Wars.

Humans begin to carve out vast empires and the Cataclysm is beginning to become distant memory.

Humans and elves begin to disagree on how fast human expansion should happen. This has always been the case but it is getting to be intolerable in elven eyes. Humans and elves go to war.

Humans and dwarves begin to disagree on how much minerals should be mined before moving on. This has always happened but it is getting to be intolerable in dwarven eyes. Dwarves begin to a boycott on all items sold to humans and refuse to purchase human items.

Elves are nearly defeated by the humans and exile themselves to Voltrex. They begin to regroup and re-establish dominance between families. Many elves stay behind on the main continents to protect the forests in whatever way possible. Elf-Human war ends.

Raklin "The True" Diamoniar is crowned emperor of Dregar. This brings in a new line of emperors that greatly helps the world, especially Dregar.

It is rumored that a human born on Layonara became a deity during this year. Little is known about her at this time.

The great city of Port Hempstead is destroyed by Dark elves and evil dragons. Nearly 5 million Gold is ransacked and the famous "City of Gold" begins to rebuild.

Demon forces are found on the continent of Alindor. Hind-sight says that this could have been the first initial contact with Blood and his return.

The Diamoniar line is overthrown and sends the world in to chaos and disorder. Clashes break out across the world, especially on the continent of Dregar.

Sinthar Bloodstone "Blood" returns to the world with a massive invasion force. He opens three portals from the Pits but two of them collapse causing major damage and many other side affects. Blood may have been successful in defeating the world if he had not miscalculated the force of the portals.

A call for reinforcements goes out across the land and is answered.

A war in the Heavens begins.

Katia is imprisoned and loses connection to the world.

A being known as The Shifter is shifted through time without his tower and pays a dear price

Katia and another deity are freed.

For a period of a few months shadows own the night during this year. It is rumored that a creature was slain in order to lift the shadows and their wanderings and killings.

Aeridin nearly loses contact to the world and his followers suffer.

Followers of Aeridin notice that they are able to communicate with their deity once again.

The Al'Noth or Lucinda herself is harmed in some way on this year.

It is thought that Mist and Aragen waged war on each other, nobody knows who came out the winner. On this same year, the Lost Elven Library was found.

King Karem Waylend and Queen Allurial meet with Bloodstone. Many worry as they did not return for many months and neither speaks openly of the meeting.

The constellation of The Viper is once again seen in the sky above Layonara.

Later that same year, the symbol of a Scorpion is seen in the night sky for the first time, though it is very dim and difficult to locate.

In this year...

  • After six years the Lost Library is recovered and a new Library is opened on Voltrex. The new Library is called The Great Library.
  • Mist and Aragen end their war in the heavens. Some believe that Katia and perhaps Aeridin may have been drawn in for a short period of time.
  • It is believed that Lucinda herself was attacked, as the Al'Noth this year was weaker than normal.

A great and powerful green dragon is slain in this year, leaving only a rare few dragons left and Bloodstones drive to destroy all dragons closer to being achieved.

In this year...

  • A few adventurers have reported that they were unable to stop a ritual which involved the Wolfswood Spider during the height of the Crimson Moon
  • Two Bloodpools are destroyed by hearty adventure parties in this year.
  • The Great Oak seems to be growing in power. Many think that it is due to better leadership in the Druid circles.
  • A new Bird Lord comes in to power.

Various constellations seem to be growing dimmer and the one of the Viper is growing brighter.

It is also whispered among a rare few that the good dragons returned in this year but none have seen them since their rumored return.

A great black cloud, or some great shadow, seemed to encircle the world one night; this disturbance was reported from many locations around the world. Research continues on what may have caused this disturbance and why it lasted for such a short time.

Also, the quiet rumor spreads that a Bloodpool has been restored.

In this year...

  • Toran's mightiest Justicar falls from grace. The church and faith of The All Watching is greatly diminished, as many of its paladins are tainted by impurity.
  • The Rohden Alliance falls to Blood's forces. At least six hundred thousand are slaughtered in the onslaught, and the once powerful navy is diminished to small numbers.
  • Conflict strains relations between Ilsarians and Lucindites, a rift forming between the allied churches for reasons unknown. Rumors abound on the subjects of both causes and solutions, but all that is known for fact is that there is friction where none existed before.

In this year...

  • The realm of dreams is liberated from the taint of betrayals from the past. An Ilsarian spirit is said to still remain trapped within, yet no longer suffering the turmoil of nightmares.
  • Springing from Willow's Weep, a strange disease begins spreading through northern Dregar. It quickly moves along the region, its victims dying seemingly of pure sorrow. A desperate call goes out to the best healers of the world, but little hope for a cure is felt.
  • The Viper constellation moves to attack both Beryl's Geode and Xeen's Gift.
  • The township of Stone falls to Blood's forces. Many heroes felt this as a personal attack, the small community being close to many of their hearts.
  • Dozens of heroes and a large military invasion were successful in defeating a large contingent of Bloods forces. This was his first significant loss in history and with this the tides of war have changed.

It is thought that a great hero was somehow able to save the Soul Strands from being cut. The disease spreading through Willow's Weep is stopped.

In this year...

  • The Dwarven Halls under Mount Norand are cleansed of their undead taint and the Bloodpool lying within is destroyed by a stout group of heroes.
  • Bloodstone loses General Xandrial to the Pits. Xandrial was able to defeat a Pit Lord to claim his 'rightful place'. Many now understand that Xandrial was harvesting souls on Layonara in order to gain power for his ultimate goal of defeating this Lord.
  • After several missions into the islands of the Rohden Alliance, Blood's forces suffer a major defeat by a large group of adventurers and allied military forces. Freedom is won, and the rebuilding of the ravaged islands begins.

In this year...

  • The land known as the Swamp of Reawakening is balanced and the Grove of Slumber appears.
  • A cure for a devastating disease spreading through the Ulgrid Dwarven Clans is found. Many dwarves die and the halls are left in a downtrodden state.
  • The T'oleflor Realm has been reopened by decades of difficult effort and sacrifices by many dedicated heroes.
  • The Silver Vein has been returned and planted once again. A new Hierophant comes into power.

In this year...

  • Just as suddenly as it stopped, the cutting of Soul Strands resumes.
  • A year after the disappearance of Shadow it is thought that Selian has severed all ties with the sisters, possibly destroying this great sisterhood forever.
  • The generals Drezneb and Eon are defeated in battle and their Bloodpools destroyed by a large group of powerful heroes.

A new Sun Archer rises at the dawn of the century and saves Voltrex from possible catastrophe.

Also in this year, the constellations of the Viper and the Scorpion fade from the night sky.

Rumour spreads of a dancer who transcended the bounds of The Material to give strength to the weakened Lumbral and became The Veil between two worlds.

The artifact known as the Blade of Shadows is forged later this same year.

In this year...

  • A large scale invasion by the forces of Blood is thwarted near the Great Oak and Silver Vein. Ozlo is lost during this battle. The Dragon Called summons ends here.
  • At the same time that the Great Oak is being attacked an invasion force, led by a general of Blood known as Lord Rael, strikes Prantz and Dregar as a whole. Prantz falls and is from then on ruled by Lord Rael.
  • A large group of heroes destroy Bloodstone and the war ends. At nearly the same time a Bloodwell is destroyed in the Demon Tower and the resulting explosion levels a large part of the Cradle of Death and puts the world into the Dark Ages due to the dust and debris that circles the globe.

With Bloodstone dead, dragons are sighted again, one called Knad'radoniad even proclaims himself as ruler of Bastil. This shows that many more dragons were hidden in remote corners of the world than initially thought.

In this year...

  • The actions of a group of adventurers brought water and life back into an area of Dregar desert and are rumored to have begun to restore some ancient balance.
  • The dwarven city of Bloody Gate on Alindor suffers some damage as the former ruler king Rory Bloodfist fights to reclaim the city from the usurper Gunderforn.
  • The part of the church of Toran known as the Justicers is removed from the church. They are taken in by the Rofireinites and form the Office of Marshals

The town of Hurm is stricken by a terrible disease, brought there by the dragon called the Black Plague and two others after adventurers intruded on its lair. This provides further proof that there are more dragons than initially thought.

In this year...

  • Queen Allurial dies and is called into the Heavens by Lucinda.
  • The rift that spilled life sapping energies on the Forsaken Isles was closed by the actions of a Folianite and his companions. Since that day it is said that a white wolf can be seen running around in the forests of the world.


  • It is thought that a direct representative of the god Corath battled with a creature known as the Channeler, who was sent by Aeridin. Both perished in the battle, causing a shift in the balance of power between the Lord Manipulator and the Lifegiver, leading to a change in focus.
  • From this point on, it became more and more unlikely that cross-species unions (eg. humans and elves, humans and orcs) would produce offspring.

Rumors arise that a secret and well guarded compound of Rofireinites on Mistone was breached by thieves. Even though the location remains secret and church claims ignorance the rumors are persistent and some sources claim that something was stolen.


  • After many years of darkness and twilight, the sun can be seen in the sky again, and the Dark Ages end.
  • A disturbance in the Al'Noth was repaired by Lucindites and a party of adventures deep in Alindor's Wolfswood forest. Within weeks of the repair King Briant of Erilyn makes a royal appearance with his court of Barons and Baronesses in Fort of Kings. It is the first time the royal court of Erilyn has been seen together in over 200 years and sparks a period of growth and stability for not only Erilyn but Alindor. The influence of Shindaleria also increases in Alindor at this time.


  • Strange sightings on Alindor. The rumour goes that a group of adventurers entered the Mountains of Madness and were the first to enter the shroud, that marks the border to Milara's domain and covers the entire area, for several years. Little is known of what actually transpired in there, but fact is that several eye witnesses from nearby settlements reported of changes in the 'dome of night'. Investigators concluded that a ritual was conducted within the dome that revealed itself in the shape of a black snake or whirlwind reaching all the way to the heavens. The result of said ritual has been a thickening of the web that forms the 'Dome of Night' above the Mountains of Madness - just as if darkness descended.
  • In this year, the very last recorded cross-species birth occurred. After this, no halfbreed children were born, and those who were halfbreeds themselves (half-elves, half-orcs, and other creatures of mixed blood) gradually discovered that they were utterly unable to conceive/bear children.


  • Slave uprising in the Deep almost succeeds before Rael's forces from above and below are able to crush the Deep gnomes and their leaders. Several prominent Beryl clergy were lost, weakening Her influence in the Deep. Rael strengthened his hold in Dregar and in the Deep.
  • The Wolfswood Rangers wage a fierce but quiet war against venemous spiders bred by a servant of Ca'duz. Rumors leak out of the wood, however, of increased spider activity - spiders the size of hunting mastiffs running across the surface of Lake Freis, spiders the size of ponies attacking cows. Healers of every stripe are recruited into Erilyn forces. 


  • A large tidal wave washes a third of the city of Mariner's Hold into the ocean. The cause of the wave is never verified but rumors both of divine and arcane nature persist. Next to fellow realms on Alindor and Mistone, Lord Rael the Benevolent also aids the peoples of Mariners Hold and Sagewald as does a large contingent of the adventuring public.
  • It is whispered that an artifact has been stolen from Fisterion.
  • A great white dragon attacks the city of Leringard, destroys its harbor and kills hundreds of citizens. Many adventurers send provide various forms of aid to its people, as do the realms of Mistone and Lord Rael the Benevolent. 
  • The town of Tammil in Belinara has a change of rule. There is fighting in the streets of Tulam, and its residents had to flee into the forest.
  • Y'ogoldrania, the Golden Emerald, is stirred from her slumber on Voltrex.


  • Approximately one year after a group of adventurers was invited to Voltrex to observe the discussing of two opposing proposals, the Aesmil Isim voted for the rebuilding of the legendary city of Ovdear and the relocation of the Aesmil Isim to the future site. The proposal to dissolve the Aesmil Isim did not receive enough votes. 
  • Hitherto unconfirmed rumors of dragon half-breeds on Belinara may have a grain of truth in them as adventurers explore the troubled Kuhl Kingdom. The Cult is now also sometimes referred to as the Dragon Stealers. Later this year, the rumors from Belinara speak of civil war, the remnants of Bloodstone's forces returning in strength, dragons in the sky, creatures ascending from the Deep, fire falling like rain from the sky.
  • Hilm Protectorate makes a public call for aid to adventurers, independent knights, and every warrior wielding sword or magic. Two months later, the capital city of Kuhl, Westgate, falls to the Dragon Stealers, aided by a massive dragon now known as Ractrafieroz. Fortunately, Queen Alise Langovale of Kuhl is saved by adventurers.
  • A 'Lord Reaver' in service to Admiral Red Bear of Hurm is credited for the unified crushing of the Silver Crescent Slavers' coordinated raids to conquer and enslave key locations in Trelania, Boyer, Liwich, and Co'rys.


Kuhl has all but fallen, and it is discovered that the realm of Nesar is negotiating with the Dragon Stealers - peace in exchange for the use of their fleet. Some say they are preparing a fleet to sail to Mistone.

More battles with Cult forces on Mistone. Fort Hurix besieged for a week. 

Something stirs in the Almoran. Western Mistone is devastated by massive tsunamis responsible for the loss of thousands of lives. Leringard turns aside most of the force, and several druids are lost in the sheltering of Krandor, but Port Hempstead is hit hard by the first wave. Several unprotected hamlets on the coast are lost completely. Desperate calls for aid lead to united efforts to block or divert the worst of the storms in major locations, but the dead pile so high in Karst that plague rules all and the dead rise. Infections spread as far as Palden Lake.

An enormous display of power is seen over the Almoran; lightning in the skies and fire on the waters.

The once-abandoned region of Brelin known as Center gains momentum in its shift from a huddle of tents occupied by refugees from the tsunamis, to a trading crossroads with a proper inn and craftsman facilities when portal exit points are redirected there from Fort Wayfare. 

Trelania fights Cult forces within its own borders. There are reports of Myr'Drach attacks on western trade routes, and sightings of some blue and silver dragon devouring travelers. People flock to major cities as the forces of various factions both religious and political mobilize and work to eliminate the new threats. Hilm warns Kuhl of war. Moraken's Tower is under siege, and a massive, corrupted bronze and black colored dragon falls on those that seek to break it.

Though the siege is broken by one group and a direct attack on Hlint repelled by another, the defenders take heavy losses compared to the size of the Cult forces, whose dead were burned. Before the deaths can even be tallied, however, disease spreads. Hlint is quarantined, its containment managed by the Sisters of Rebirth.

The source of the taint is destroyed at Stormcry Hollows. Kuhl's infamous leader escapes destruction.
The Sovereign Siphe Principality is formed, carved from Hilm (literally in some cases) with the aid of the dragon Ractrafieroz one hundred miles in all directions of what is now known as Fieroz City.


  • Several volcanoes around the world fill the skies with soot and ash, sparking fears in affected locations of a return to the Dark Times. Eruptions are attributed to the servants of Pyrtechon who claim responsibility and hail it as an omen of the Destroyer's coming.
  • Voltrex declares a state of emergency and closes its borders once more, following a historic sitting of the Aesmil Isim that reaches Isim Eliwanilae, or a unanimous accord. Trade vessels already en route return to their ports of call reporting that elven ships of war had intercepted them - and that the entire northern region of the continent is practically under siege from the eruptions and lightning storms.


  • The dragon Snowtooth attacks fleets belonging to Mist's followers, and their buildings in Leringard. Some in the city wish them gone to avoid the wrath of the dragon.
  • Upheaval in the Mistral. Yashilla, once responsible for the death of an avatar of Shindaleria, is supplanted as Tide of the North by Hardragh son of Lunviq, of the High Reaches. She is presumed dead.

Another season of what should be re-birth is under a darkened cloud. Fewer newborns are entering the world. Hens are laying eggs that are not fertilized. Babies born fall prey to illness or predators. Seeds planted are failing to germinate and those that do grow poorly. Unrest grows as famine deepens in several regions.

An expedition led by Storold Doesscha is thought lost for good, taking some of the world's most powerful with it - the Diet of Lor and her partner among them.

A handful of communities in the Forest of Fog meet grisly ends, and there are fearful whispers of dark elves sighted on horned demon horses there, in what is thought to be one of Layonara's oldest forests. Druids and other nature-aligned of the world are dismayed by the loss of Vale, though its importance to their cause is unknown.

Over the course of three months, the very heavens shift. The constellations thought to represent the deities Shindaleria, Dorand, Lucinda, Goran and the Couple move to circle a space that becomes occupied by Aragen's Book. Travel by sea is affected, and some react to the change with fear and predictions of the end times. After a time, however, the new becomes the normal.

Rumors spread of some kind of new plague that eventually renders the infected into a foul ooze. The horrific manner in which they are afflicted and the ineffectiveness of treatment is enough to prompt quarantines and preemptive burnings. Rael closes its borders entirely while fears of the Liquid Death are high, and travelers are turned away under threat of lethal force.


  • Giantess' Supremacy shifts in the skies to stand near the group of seven constellations, near to Prunilla and Deliar. Soon after, Toran's Light moves near Dorand's position in the group.
  • Troops comprised of Toranites, Voraxains, and scouts from the Wolfswood Rangers move from Bloody Gate and into the Mountains of Madness, along with a company of mercenaries and adventurers.

The stars do not so much shift as they are once more observed in the positions they were known to occupy prior the shifts of a few years prior.


  • Stories of dragonslayers travel from port to port, taking on different names and roles, sometimes even adapted for current local issues or politics. In one place a group of raiders and pirates, triumphing over a powerful beast and plundering its treasure, and in another pious knights and bards battling evil. In western Dregar, they curse both dragons and Vrebel the Foul.
  • The Wasting Death returns to Liwich. The resources of the kingdom and the churches of Rofirein and Aeridin are soon stretched thin without a cure in sight.